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Comparing the Taj Mahal and The Grand Canyon is like comparing apples and oranges - if these were the most glorious apples and oranges you'd ever seen or imagined.  But what If you could really only go to one of these great global treasures in your lifetime which one would it be?  

If the definition of a World Wonder is that it's somewhere so special that it's the destination you'd choose for the trip of a lifetime then which is the one you'd choose above all others?  Hard to decide isn't it...  Which is why we're putting it to you and everyone you know - what is really the World's Great Wonder?

Have we missed somewhere that deserves to be on this list? Tell us below!
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Comments by other travellers

Angkor Wat of Cambodia is incredibly wonderful, especially from November-February! I really love it

Has voting ended? If not,when will it end?

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It's ongoing, we're interested to see if it changes or not.

What about Kakadu National Park; Uluru; and the Great Barrier Reef too? :)

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Good point! We need to vote them in. I think they're in the Natural Wonders list:

Facts about Taj Mahal:

1. Mumtaz was Shah Jahan's 4th wife out of his 7 wives(Great)

2. Shah Jahan killed Mumtaz's husband to marry her. (Excellent)

3. Mumtaz died in her 14th delivery (wow)

4. Shah Jahan then married Mumtaz's sister (Amazing)

Where the Hell is Love here, will someone explain...or are everyone here herds of sheep?

Angkor Wat for sure and exactly :)

i was so lucky to be born in the place this amazing man-made temple exist. Angkor Wat is my pride and also my countries pride, i <3 cambodia, i <3 Angkor Wat!

angkor wat is very great very wonder

Angkor wat is the gift from the god and it is incomparable!!!

Kingdom of Wonder

Why there are only 10?

where is the rest?

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I love Angkor Wat temple ! This temple was built since 13th century... Amazing

Vote for angkor wat.. <3

just vote for Angkor Wat :)

Angkor wat for sure,,, deep jungle, hundred of amazing ancient temples, lakes and everything is there! You won't regret visit it. I've been there for 7 times and there's nt a time that I didn't get goosebump and tears of excitement.

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Angkor Wat Temple in Siem Reap town of Cambodia is amazing! Just think of how it was built: by human labor, dragging each single stone! Its architecture is great with lakes around used for shield from enemies and agriculture. Sculptures on the wall are quite interesting with ancient-but-superb styles along with stories of citizens, royalties, gods and angels. It looks mysterious in the history of Cambodia, but "admirable". I love Angkor Wat!

I think this is for touristic context!

"Taj mahal a monument of Love and apart from being one of the seven wonders in world preserving Taj is very important.

Please kindly add the BANAUE RICE is very amazing and deserves to be in this list that you've compiled, you will not regret it.

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Good news, you're able to add your own review to this site - scroll down to the bottom right hand corner and there's a link to Add an Experience, then you can write your own recommendation. Thanks!

I have visited 5 of 10 on this list and hope to get to the rest. Some other amazing places worth visiting are Jerusalem and Istanbul.

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Thanks for those suggestions. What were the highlights of Jerusalem? I've never been but I'd love to go.

Mount of Olives, the Western Wall, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and the Church of Nativity which is in Bethlehem are all significant sights to see on your trip.

Thanks for your suggestions. have you reviewed them anywhere?

I haven't reviewed them.

I think its interesting that all the choices are human made accept one ... all are great, but Grand Canyon is a wonder of nature.

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Good observation - here's a link to our list of natural wonders:

Taj mahal apart from being one of the seven wonders in world is also a monument of love..while Grand Canyon also has its beauty and grandeur. Both are worth visiting... I will go for the budget :)

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Always a good point...

I am Khmer but i have been to Angkor Wat once! Anyway, i plan to go there once a year when i graduate!

Angkor Wat is the greatest temple in the world. If you haven't put that in the list of where you should visit before you die, write it down then. It would be a waste of a lifetime not to visit such an awesome temple. The temple was built in 12th century by king Sayavaraman 2 dedicated to a god Visnu. Took 47 years to built the giant temple. Visiting Cambodia, Ankor Wat isn't the only temple you'll see. There are just a few more thousand of temple here. What are you waiting for then? It's a kingdom of wonders.

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Is it not on the list? There's more about it here:

Chichen Itza is astounding and absolutely worth the visit - but preferably in the winter when the temperatures are reasonably tolerable.

Stonehenge is undeniably a place of mystery and power, but to me, the entire Salisbury Plain, with its plethora of ancient sites, is the bigger attraction.

Finally, Baja California and the Gulf of California also rate very highly on my list of must-see places of natural beauty and cultural interest.

Torres del Paine (chile)

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Good suggestion! It's a brilliant place to bike ride - you can see my review of it on this site.

Torres del Paine, Chile

Las Torres del Paine,at the end of the world, the most beatiful natural beauty that you will ever find


Torres del Paine (Chile)

Chichen Itza (Mexico)

Okavango Delta (Namibia)

Uluru (Australia)

Pont de Millau (France)

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Thanks for those suggestions. We've got them reviewed on the site so you can find them using the search box, but they've not made it onto the list yet.

Galapagoes Iland

I TOTALLY agree! The Galapagos should DEFINITELY be on your list if the Grand Canyon can be!

Stonehenge? It's pretty impressive. No one really knows how they put it there...

ANGKOR WAT FTW! All the sites are beautiful but Angkor Wat stands out the most. The way it was built, the carvings, the history, the legends, the feeling is just beautiful.

You've missed the town of Djenne, Mali!

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Why do you think Djenne should be included in a list of World Wonders?

Angkor Wat is amazing! Visited august 09, n it took my breath away

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It is good to heard that, for me I have been there 9 times, cause I am a Cambodian; and I always plan to go there once a year,

:) it takes time n money to come all the way from Norway, but soo worth it! I am definitely going again.

yeah, it's so beautiful... Definitely one of the best architectural marvel. If you've seen once, you definitely want to go again. I hope I could be there again... All the temples are so amazing... Angkor Wat is so amazing that words can't really describe it's awesomeness.

Thank you very much for liking it :), Angkor Wat is really beautiful :).

I feel fortunate to have visited both Taj Mahal and the Giza Pyramides. When choosing between the two of them, Taj Mahal got my vote. Somehow its atmosphere manage to get under your skin. This didn't happen in Giza.

I think you should add the Bay of Fundy in Canada. The worlds highest tides, which have carved a coastline into a amazing geological fantasy-land. Inhabited by a large congregation of the largest animals on earth, the Baleen Whales. You will find large numbers of Humpbacks, Finback, Minke, the endangered Right, Sei and occasionally the mighty Blue whales here, feeding in the nutrient rich waters stirred up by those tremendous tides. The tides move the equivilant of the combined volume of all the rivers in the world each day, creating places with tremendous tidal rips and reversing the flow of rivers, making tidal bores that have become a adventure industry with rafting rides. No place like it on earth!

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amazed to know this.

It is an excellent suggestion. I'll put it to the team.

Its really really amazing to see how the beautiful look changes into different views in different times and frm diff angles,its a masterpiece of humankind.

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I was there twice in 1995 - once during the day, and again at dusk. It is true that one cannot stop looking at it, even as one is exiting the gate. Truly a wonder!

I have seen it I have touched it I have smelled it. Its a shadow for life in my heart.THE TAJMAHAL..

They are all amazing places; but as the intro paragraph asks; if there were only one of them I could see in my life - it would have to be the Grand Canyon.

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I absolutely agree. The epic natural grandeur of the Grand Canyon is absolutely incomparable. To see it, even if only once, is the experience of a lifetime. To see it many times, in all its amazing colours and moods, over the course of a year, is a gift of the gods. It is the only one of all the sites listed to which the word "awesome", in its literal sense, truly applies.

i love buty full taj mahal

how can add a differente one???? i dont think grand canyon should be listed in here...

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Hi Sebastian - what would you like to add?

It's an interesting dilemma to post man-made marvels with natural wonders. Grand Canyon is my pick simply because of its natural beauty. I won't argue that many of the man-made sites are truly awe-inspiring, breath-taking, and beautiful, but I'll take nature first. Just my humble opinion.

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They're certainly all worthy of being considered wonders... Some of them - like Machu Picchu, benefit from both the genius of man and the grandeur of nature... That's my vote!

Poor Machu Picchu....only 62 votes...this is an archeological and natural great site!!!

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Ha ha, did you vote?

taj mahal has no parallel. its a climaxing of 5000 years of human history of progress and development. its sheer beauty and joy and the story of romance adds special flavour to it

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Yes it is amazing!

Thats why it is different from others.....

Yes it is what it is......

No one will understand Taj till he / she see's with their own eyes......

You've missed the Great Barrier Reef!

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