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Trevi Fountain

Listed under Works of Art in Rome, Italy.

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Roman Holiday, Fellini's 'Roma' - if we haven't been here, we have in celluloid. The fountain was one of many watery gifts from Popes to the people of Rome - as the ancients gave gladiatorial contests and built arches, the Popes gave fountains - for traditionally getting drinking water into Rome has been a major challenge. This one - built in flamboyant Rococo style - sits at the end of a restored Roman acqueduct which stretches many miles out into the hills around the city. Two popes died before it was finally finished - if you look carefully at the inscriptions on the fountain above the sculptures you can see who it was who was alive when the project was finally finished - his name is in letters much larger than his predecessors.

Toss a coin etc - you know the story...

Written by  James Dunford Wood.

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Romance is in the air

When I went there, I found the love of my life. It was beautiful.

Fontana di Trevi

The Fontana di Trevi is arguably the most beautiful fountain in all of Rome. It was originally designed by Bernini in 1722, but building was halted after the death of Pope Urban VIII. Pope Clement XII later commissioned Nicola Salvi to create a larger fountain at Trevi Square, and Salvi based his own design off of Bernini's. The symbolic fountain centers around Neptune, god of the sea. He stands tall and commanding, towering over the water below which represents the sea. Two horse sculptures rest at his sides, pulling Neptune's shell shaped chariot. Their differing moods, one being obedient and the other restive, symbolize the fluctuating moods of the sea. A statue representing Salubrity stands on Neptune's right, and on his left is another representing Abundance. The sculpture of Agrippa, the girl after whom the aqueduct was named, rests above the sculpture in a detailed bas-relief. Before leaving the fountain, throw a coin over your shoulder with your back facing the fountain. Legend says if you do this, you will return to Rome someday.

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