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The Blue Boy (Gainsborough)

Listed under Works of Art in Los Angeles, United States.

Photo of The Blue Boy (Gainsborough)
Photo by flickr user Marshall Astor / Life on the E
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'The Blue Boy (c. 1770) is an oil painting by Thomas Gainsborough that now resides in the Huntington Library, San Marino, California. The painting itself is on a fairly large canvas for a portrait that measures 48 inches wide by 70 inches tall. Perhaps Gainsborough's most famous work, it is thought to be a portrait of Jonathan Buttall, the son of a wealthy hardware merchant. Gainsborough had originally painted something different on the canvas but then decided to paint the portrait of the blue boy over it. It is a historical costume study as well as a portrait: the youth in his 17th-century apparel is regarded as Gainsborough's homage to Anthony Van Dyck.' Wikipedia

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Comments, reviews and questions by other travellers

I have a print of blue boy and pinky framed.

Bought in 1970

How much will they be worth today?

Anyone with info is much appreciated.

I have a print of blue boy and pinky framed.

Bought in 1970

How much will they be worth today?

Anyone with info is much appreciated.

What does this mean?

My print of "Blue Boy" has an original frame and behind the paper on the back, there is ANOTHER piece of artwork?! What does this mean?! Across the second piece is 2-6024

I have a Pink boy that appears to be a old print and is signed by the artist.

There is a decal on the pack that shows it was purchased at Fried’s Gift Shop in Denver CO. I also have the matching Pink Girl as well. I can’t find anything on the Pink Boy. Any advice.

I have a blueboy painting also its very old it has paper in the back of frame and its sign. I would like to know where can i go if its a good painting.

help about value or any other info

i have a blue boy and pinky girl. 12 x8 in old frame with paper backing and a green 1 cent national defense statue of liberty of on back. i am 70 and they were given to me by my grandparents. can any one give me any info


I have a print of Blue Boy in the old frame it has been in our family for about 70 yrs. can you tel

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I have a boy blue picture on the back it says Sir Thomas Gains borough British 1727-1788 oil on canvas 70x48 inches Henry E Huntington Library and Art Gallery San Marino California

Blue Boy

what would the worth of a replica of the Blue Boy be worth. I have a large picture with the gold blue boy after gainsborough. I am wondering if its worth anything?

thank you

The original is at the Huttington Gallery. All others are prints. Depending on size, quality, kind of print, and if it's framed or not it can sell from $60 to $400. If you pair it with "Pinkie" you can at least double your sell price.

Has anyone seen a print of pinkie and blue boy together?

I have a 1978 print of a painting of pinkie and blue boy together. It is mounted on canvas and made to look like a real painting. I have not been able to find any information on it. There must be other prints like it out there somewhere-it's copyrighted. Does anyone know anything about it?

i got blue boy brass plate what is it worth

We just found "Blue Boy" in our garage 20 X24, ..Gainsborough is stamped on the back..its an

original. Also matching "Pink Girl" in a pink beautiful gown. The back of this one has no markings so it must have been sold as a set?? Please advise if we should keep these or try sell somewhere, we are downsizing and cleaning out the garage. How much are these really worth? Are you kidding me that they were once worth $800,000.00? Please advise asap...

i have blue boy picture ,not oil paint?

I keep look at it many time, there's no signature at all, seem she had this picture for 70 years it;s no way make copy from the blue boy. I need to know how it's work and sell it?? where to go? I don't like rip off.

I just inherited a blue boy reproduction painting by Dexter L Brown painted in 1933.

Would anyone help to give me any advice about its potential value, please?

Thank all of you in advance.

great this is what i was looking thing i like to know how are the blue boy

it seems like we all want to know if what we have is worth anything.give us some kind of price if you can. thank so much looking foward for good news

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Hi, World Reviewer is a travel review site, where our experts and contributors recommend great things to see and do all around the world. We're recommending you go and see this famous painting by Gainsborough, but we're not able to offer any valuations.

Hopefully someone who is able to offer you some advice will come across this page and offer some insight, but unfortunately none of our current experts would be willing to offer any thoughts without seeing each individual work.

We do wish you all luck though!

None of yours are likely to be the original because its in Huntington Library all of yours are probably older copys of it or even young the original copy was 70 5/8 x 48 3/4 inches and it was oil paint

i got a blue boy plate and red boy

by gainsbough ra 1727-1778 it was giving to my grampo from an atterny from new mexico he bought it from england and i want to know how much they are worth

I have a "Blue Boy," an i got one million dollars for it!!!!

I have a print of the pink boy that was framed in New York in 1959 by a renowned publisher. It is one of a kind and I cannot find out anything about it. I gave 85 dollars for it and Im wondering how much it would be worth today. I bought it ten years ago from a flea market. Still in very nice condition.

I own a BLUE BOY painting that was left to me by my 95 yr old uncle who served in Germany yrs ago.

I need a price value on this painting!

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Looks like lots of people are in the same boat! We suggest you'll need to have each work valued individually.

i have the same blue boy with the frame i thing is 27 by 34 it has a tag in the front sint blue boy sir thomas gainsbovongh can you tell me please if is worthit is a beutiful picture

I have a Blue Boy that was passed down from me from my Grandparents. They bought it when they lived in Germany, I am assuming in the 50's. There is no signature, that I can see. It does have a stamp on the back though that says "Orig Oil Painting Made in Germany" Should I have it appraised, or would I be wasting time and money? What exactly does "Orig Oil Painting" mean? Isn't every oil painting an original? I am obviously confused.

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'Original Oil Painting' might mean that it's not a print? But good point, I would have thought all paintings were somewhat original...

At first I was angry ...

... but then I read about how the paintings came to be in Los Angeles.

A wealthy American bought them and put them on display at the Huntington Library, before that they were hidden

away and seen only by a privileged few. Now they are on public display where everyone may see and enjoy them.

Dennis Crompton, New Zealand.

I have what looks to be a very old copy oil painted of blue boy and it's numbered

The number is in the bottom left front corner4191 in antique frameoff white with some gold overlay. would like info

I have the exact boy blue painting as this home page with him holding a hat... whats the value

we have a blue boy painted onto a bronze type of plate, its's antique and it says its limited

edition on the back of it. im wondering if its fake or not and how much it is worth.

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i mean it says serial no.1

Just wondering if you found anything out yet. I found the same thing this week and I am trying to find out something as well. If you do find out anything, please do post it,thanks.

I have the same pictures they were my grandmothers have you found anything out about their value.

I have what I believe to be the original blue boy by Radierung. Is it of any value?

Worth more then others

I have a blue boy made in the 1870s I believe when they were made on cardboard and thrown in a kiln to melt the paint is that worth anything?

I have a picture of the blue boy it has a patent number on the back and a print number on the back it. IT seems to look very old just wondering if it is worth anything?

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Hi Maria - World Reviewer is a travel review website so we're not well set up to answer your kind of question - sorry!

I have a blue boy by sanotsolo is it worth anythiing

I have paintting by santorsolo is it worth anything

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I also have a blue boy by santorsola in oil size is 24 byx20 very good condtion your the second time iv seen his name first was from a gallerie in fl they were having a on line action could not get hold of them hope you fine out something cathy

I have a blue boy picture it is in a very old looking frame It's length is longer than its's width. Its background is more darker colors than the pictures I have seen that look rusty. Is there any worth to this picture? What should I do to find out about this? It is behind very old glass.

I have a blue boy picture that was purchased in 1973, large painting in a frame, it was purchased for 250 dollar's back then that was a lot of money, do u know if this item could be worth some money, and if so where could I sell this item

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Which country are you based in?

i am in the united states, state of michigan.

How can you tell if a blue boy painting is real, I have one it's 16x20 and my grandmother bought it in the early 1900's,it's never left this house since she got. She is gone now and I'm stumped. can you help?

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There's only one copy to our knowledge and it can be found in the Huntington Library in California.

I have a post card size Blue Boy...looks like it's painted...not a print. Is it worth anything? It was found in my mother in law's cedar chest and YEARS old.....Is it of any value? Thanks!!!

Is my Blue Boy A fake or Reproduction?

I have a Blue Boy painting and it's signed by Gainsborough. I assume it's a copy or a fake because there is only one copy. Am I correct in my assumption?

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You're right, yes, there is only one.

I have a pink boy.

It says on the back it is engraved in pure mezzotint and printed in colours by charles bird. Also says , edition limited to 250. Signed . No other state.Artists proof. Plate to be stored.

I have a picture of a blue boy in a brass round plaque, I want to know if it is a real photo of the

I would like to know ,how do I know if this is the real thing?

No I have never seen a pink boy. The boy in my picture was definitely wearing blue. Maybe it was a copy but I was always told it was the original. I have always wanted to find out the truth. The same family also owned a large Stubbs picture and were very wealthy so I never doubted it for a second.

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No, The Blue Boy has definitely been in the U.S. since the 20s, there was a big fuss about the National Gallery selling him.

Was this painting owned by a private collector in Surrey during the 1950's? When I was growing up I stayed with my godmother in a large house in Milford and I used to sit and look at this painting

which hung in the snooker room.

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Think it was in America in the 50's, owned by a Henry Edwards Huntington - sold in the 20s. I think it's been at the Huntington Gallery ever since.

Did you know there's a Pink Boy as well. He may have been in England and you may have seen him? Was he wearing pink? Or you may have just seen a copy.

How much is this picture worth???

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More than I can afford! A beautiful picture, but is any picture 'worth' millions? Rich hedge fund guys buy them as trophies, not to appreciate.

Ca signature?

how do i know if the blue boy picture is real because i have a potrait the same as this one but it dont have a signature?

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