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Aristotle with a Bust of Homer (Rembrandt)

Listed under Works of Art in New York City, United States.

Photo of Aristotle with a Bust of Homer (Rembrandt)
Photo by kittgal
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'In this imaginary portrait of Aristotle, the Greek philosopher rests his hand reflectively on a bust of Homer, the epic poet of an earlier age. A medallion depicting Alexander the Great, whom Aristotle tutored, hangs from the gold chain. This extravagant decoration must be an award for service and recalls the gold chains that princely patrons gave to Titian, Rubens, and Van Dyck. It is generally supposed that Aristotle is contemplating the worth of worldly success as opposed to spiritual values. The gestures of the hands, accentuated by the cascading sleeves, and the shadows playing over Aristotle's brow and eyes support this interpretation. The picture was painted for the great Sicilian collector Antonio Ruffo. His inventory dated September 1, 1654, lists the canvas as a "half-length figure of a philosopher made in Amsterdam by the painter named Rembrandt (it appears to be Aristotle or Albertus Magnus)."'

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Written by  katie_f.

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i have a rembrandt painting titled aristotle with a bust of homer i was wondering its value

i have a rembbrandt painting titled aristotle with a bust of homer. a friend of the family gave it to me after he passed away. i was wondering what it possiably be worth?? the year 1653

a copy portrait of the Bust of Homer

I have a portrait bust of homer it's a 1961 copy that was in the meseum of New York I bought it in an antique shop for $80.00 I had taken it to another antique delear which told me they use 3 colores to make this portrait which was a red, yellow and some other color maybe blue the print happens to be on some kind of board it dosen't look like canves is this worth anything. I kknow this is not an original.

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Try searching on ebay for other examples. Maybe worth a few hundred?

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