Best Works of Art in the World

Going to an art collection and seeing, in the flesh, a renowned work of art is the modern equivalent of the pilgrimage for many people. The best works of art, whether paintings, sculpture or applied arts, are considered the ultimate expression of humanity for a reason. No one should miss the experience of being touched by a great work of art.

So enrich your holiday with a mini-pilgrimage of your own. Don't get hung up with having to see the whole art collection, or 'do' the museum like the tour groups. Take the luxury to pinpoint a great work of art or two you want to see, and go and spend time with them. You will probably have travelled a long way to get to your holiday destination - this is one holiday experience that is easy and cheap (if not free) to enjoy, and uplifting as well.

The list we have put together is fairly subjective. Of course there is no such thing as the best work of art in the world - there are just 'great works of art' - and way more than we have listed here. Go in and vote for the works of art you love, or add ones yourself that we do not have by clicking 'add an experience'.

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