The Best Windsurfing in the World

Windsurfing requires strength and balance, but as a way to travel and get fit as well as chill with like-minded people, it's a great sport to learn. The best windsurfing places in the world, however, can be massively over-subscribed, so it is great to discover new windsurfing locations. This is what our list is all about. And if you are a windsurfer, please add your experience!

"Windsurfing is a sport that challenges, requires patience, has a feeling of flying, forms friendships and pushes us to excel. I love it.." So says one of the Wind Girls - this is a sport that attracts a passionate following.

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Experts in Windsurfing:  Zara Davis,  John Hibbard,  Phil Mercer,  Marco Bauli

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