Great Places to Go Whale Watching

Of all the sights nature offers, whale watching never ceases to inspire and thrill us. The best whale watching experiences are worth travelling the world for, and can be enjoyed from land and from sea. The size of the whale, as well as its graceful movements and epic migrations, bewitch us. To watch their lively social interactions, intricate ways of communicating and agile play is to catch a glimpse of the natural world at work.

You can view these gentle giants - and there are many species, from blue whales to humpback and minky whales (the Baleen species), to sperm, orca and pilot whales (the toothed whale species) - from locations in 40 countries as they migrate the globe to mate, calve and follow the blooming plankton that they feed on. In some places you don't even need to go to sea to see them - for example the playful Orca whales come in close enough in many parts of the world for you to admire them from shore. Whale-watching is most often experienced as a day trip or excursion as part of a wider holiday - but if it really excites you, consider a dedicated whale-watching holiday, which are offered by a number of travel companies. That way you not only get a much more intense, less 'commercial' experience with the whales, but you also get to learn an enormous amount about their habitat and way of life. It will be an unforgettable holiday - for all ages.

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