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The majestic sight of hundreds of thousands of tons of water spilling over a waterfall and plunging into the river below is electrifying - which is what makes them excellent destinations to base a trip around. Whether it’s the colossal churning of Niagara, a splashing jungle plunge to limpid pool below, a long narrow drop coming from a striking fjord or a torrent streaming off an African flat topped mountain, you’re guaranteed a photo worthy experience.

As well as the views, and the best waterfalls in the world are awe-inspiring places, where the power of nature is at its most magnificent, you’re bound to be able to embark on some watersports, go hiking and generally enjoy the 'great outdoors'. When people talk Falls it’s the widest, tallest and largest by volume that pique the interest and get the wanderlust going - and the winners are the Chutes de Khone on the Mekong River, Angel Falls and Livingstone Falls - largest by volume.

More exotic waterfalls can often only be reached with the help of a guide, but some of the really big and dramatic ones have become easy access destinations - hotels and hostels crowd the top of Iguazu Falls for example.

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