Holiday by the Sea (or Lake)

All kids know a holiday isn’t a holiday without the water – a pool, a lake, a river or even better the sea – and then you know you’re really not in Kansas anymore. A lot of us find water somehow relaxing, it often sounds relaxing, floating in it certainly feels relaxing, and it provides a setting for passing the time in all sorts of ways that you don’t normally. Sailing, swimming, windsurfing, surfing, snorkelling or diving, or just floating around on an inflatable device, are all perfectly acceptable ways to pass the time while on a holiday by the sea or lake.

The classic childhood seaside and lakeside holidays have never really gone out of style - as with all good things. The kids get to splash around and the parents get to relax, maybe do a bit of sightseeing, especially if you’ve taken the extra step of visiting one of the classic lake destinations like Lake Como or Lake Garda.

If you yearn for something a bit more exotic, then you can surround yourself with water on all sides by marooning  yourself on an island - or even an atoll with a reef? Or if travel for you involves actual travelling, consider a road trip along one of the world’s classic coastlines, the Amalfi, the Costa Blanca or Australia’s Great Ocean Road?

There's something about water. Being on it or near it feels like a holiday.

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