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  • Photo of Krakatau
  • Photo of Krakatau
  • Photo of Krakatau
  • Photo of Krakatau
  • Photo of Krakatau
  • Night eruption of Krakatau with volcanic lightning, September 2009
  • Javanese fishing boat maintains a safe distance from the violently erupting Krakatau
  • Night eruption of Krakatau with volcanic lightning, September 2009
Photo of Krakatau
Photo by mikelyvers
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Perhaps the world’s most famous volcano, Krakatau (commonly called Krakatoa) needs no introduction. Its gigantic eruption in 1883 made the loudest bang ever recorded, waking people on the far side of the Indian Ocean! That catastrophic eruption completely destroyed the volcano, sent tsunamis halfway around the globe and killed 36,000 people. In 1927, Krakatau was reborn when a “new” volcano emerged from the sea, known as Anak Krakatau (“child of Krakatau”). This unruly child has been erupting frequently, though not continuously, ever since then. Typical eruptions are highly explosive, with volcanic bombs often peppering the entire island and surrounding waters, so when it is active there is usually a 5 km exclusion zone around the island (though locals may take you closer in their rickety boats). A night eruption of Krakatau is absolutely awesome, with massive sprays of glowing bombs and roiling ash clouds flashing with volcanic lightning. This is another volcano that has killed visitors, so landing on the island is NOT advised. Anak Krakatau is extremely volatile and can abruptly change its eruption style without warning. It lies 44 km west of Carita, Java, in the Sunda Strait between Java and Sumatra. Boats can be hired from Carita but have a good look at the boat before agreeing to be taken that far out to sea! During high activity the sonic booms from Krakatau’s explosions can shatter windows in Carita.

Written by  Mike Lyvers.

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Krakatoa is another one of the big, destructive names in volcanoes. It is worth visiting today because the island is rebuilding itself after being almost totally destroyed in violent past eruptions, especially the main event in 1883. There is a small … Read more...

Written by  Hamish Holl.

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will this volcano erupt anytime soon now?

Since it erupted in 2009, will it possible erupt in 2010?

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