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Listed under Volcanoes in Catania, Italy.

  • Photo of Etna
  • Photo of Etna
  • Photo of Etna
  • Photo of Etna
  • Photo of Etna
  • Photo of Etna
  • Photo of Etna
  • Photo of Etna
Photo of Etna
Photo by flickr user desmoheart78
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Frequently active and the largest volcano in Europe, Etna is an easily accessible and rewarding volcano to visit. Its eruptions tend to be Strombolian explosions but often also produce long lava flows. It is not easy to predict what Etna is going to do, and how easy summit access will be. There are tours that take visitors to places considered safe, but where those are depends on the level of activity. A rough road goes all the way to the summit, but can be accessed only by Etna guides. It is possible to walk up from the parking lot, though it will take several hours to reach the summit. You can spend weeks hiking all over the volcano and visiting the many pleasant towns dotted on its flanks. Best times to visit are Spring and Fall, though summer is pleasant on the upper slopes. If you visit in winter, be aware that the upper slopes will be snow-covered. You can find lodgings in the town of Nicolosi, or several others on the volcano's flanks, or stay in Catania or Taormina. Don't miss the ruins of the Greek theatre in Taormina.

Written by  Rosaly Lopes.

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I lived in a small town called Acireale, which is located at the base of Mt. Etna. I could remember watching Mt. Etna explode with spectacular views of lava spewing into the air, and the beautiful river-like flows of lava cascading down the mountainside. I would often wonder why and how the locals could live so close by and not be afraid of the danger. But, as I continued to witness Mt. Etna at her best, I then understood the attraction to her. She is magnificent! There are nearby towns such as Taormina, Giardini Naxos, Aci Castello, and Nicolosi that offer beautiful views of Etna whether she is quiet or in an uproar, but either way, one of my favorite's is her snow-capped glory. This mountain is an absolute site to see in the winter time. And it's so much fun to climb and play around in the snow. This Mediterranean gem is a must see if you ever find yourself there.

Catania holiday

I've been in Catania few weeks ago, and it was a wonderfull holiday! Nice food, beautifull sea and so many things to do! I spend 5 days in Catania e 3 days in Taormina.

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