Visit a Volcano - one of the World's most dramatic sights..

Why would we want to holiday somewhere that could mean being chased down a hill by burning rivers of molten lava or holed up watching huge fiery explosions in gassy skies? Because volcanoes are exciting and dramatic and visiting them is still a bit of a risk – even though in most cases we have a very good idea how close a volcano is to blowing its top…

OK, so you’re probably not really going to be chased by lava, but in the case of some volcanoes there’s a good chance you’re going to see some action. Etna is a bubbling lava chamber of frequently erupting unpredictability, and Kilauea’s laval flow is almost constant, just a lot less urgent. Stromboli is your best bet if you want to see some action – expect frequent explosions like big fireworks, lots of leaking gas and beautiful red trails of lava.

How close you can get to peering in over the lip of the volcano, and seeing what’s going on in that churning chamber, depends on volcano specific risk factors. In some cases you can take a quick spin up from the car park, but sometimes you can only get close when accompanied by a guide – which might not be a bad idea anyway. They’ll know what to do if you end up running for your life. Many volcanoes have the added feature of being in beautiful island settings. If that's the case, and you find yourself on a volcanic island on holiday, pay your respects.

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