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Titanic Belfast

Listed under Visitor Attractions in Belfast, United Kingdom.

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Her name inspires both hope and sadness. She was the biggest and most wonderful ship of her time, but a grand vision that was destined to go down on her maiden voyage. So no wonder she inspires such emotion even today, 100 years after her sole journey has come to an end.

Built to mark her centenary, in the Belfast docks where she was built, the Titanic Belfast is a museum, a shrine and, as so many visitor attractions call themselves these days, an experience.

The experience begins by taking you back to turn of the century Belfast, which is enjoying the full spotlight of the Industrial Revolution, before you pass through the original Harland & Wolfe gates and in to The Shipyard Ride, which is a special effects recreation of what it was like in a Belfast shipyard around 1908 when the Titanic was under construction.

When you exit into Gallery Three you'll experience the feel of launch day, May 31st, 1911, when 100,000 people turned out to see her into the water - that's one third of the entire population of the time. Gallery Four is an eclectic collection of exhibits exposing the beauty of the ships interior - which rivaled the world's most luxurious hotels of the time. Some of the exhibits here are real, some replicas, and some CGI, but they give a good impression of what the living conditions were like in first, second and third class, as well as in the ship's 'working' areas.

The following gallery allows you to follow the route of her maiden voyage, after she'd collected her passengers from Southampton, and introduces to specific members of the passenger list and crew so you can find out what it was like to sail on this great lady. But all that comes, inevitably, crashing down in Gallery Six, which focusses on the events of the night of the 14th of April - just 12 days after she set out. This was the night that she hit the iceberg, and two hours and forty minutes later she took her place at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, taking 1,500 souls with her. The heroism and horror of this night have been carefully examined to bring you an emotional, but genuine impression of what these hours must have been like for those who witnessed them.

Gallery Seven looks at the aftermath of the sinking and the enquiries, on both sides of the Atlantic, into what happened and where the blame for the disaster lay. This is done via recreations, recordings and live performances. Gallery Eight is the 'Myths and Legends' gallery, designed to let you see which stories about the ship are true and which are tall tales.

The final gallery features footage from the sunken ship, filmed in 1985 when it's final resting place was finally discovered. So this museum really does take you from the ship's birth to death.

If you're not entirely convinced by this introduction, then it's definitely worth having a look at the outside of the building, and checking out the grand staircase, which is free to enter.

Written by  Emilie Stokes.

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