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San Diego Zoo

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  • Photo of San Diego Zoo
  • Photo of San Diego Zoo
Photo of San Diego Zoo
Photo by Tony Owusu
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The San Diego zoo is one of the world’s largest and most fun zoos. The zoo displays an array of over 4,000 animals for you to marvel at while soaking in San Diego’s always gorgeous weather. It also features exhibits that range from an African rainforest to an Elephant exhibit to an Artic themed park complete with adorable polar bears.

A family oriented experience, the San Diego Zoo has a whole area dedicated to children called the Children’s zoo. The Children’s Zoo features over 30 different exhibits and even a petting zoo. This part of the zoo is not only for the kids however, as there are many animals there that are not available to see in any other part of the zoo. Coupled with the petting zoo and the exclusive animals, the Children’s Zoo is a cant miss part of your visit here. Even better, the Children’s Zoo is free with your admission to the rest of the park.

One of the zoo’s most intriguing exhibits is the Tiger River. Along this exhibit you will find not only a tigers den, but you will also find a crocodile pit and a marsh with different types of trees and fauna. The tigers den features a waterfall and it is fun to watch the tigers splash in the pool or just act silly in front of their guests. This part of the park has a very distinct rain forest feel to it, so don’t be afraid to let your imagination run wild in this area as you get as close to a real rain forest you can in the United States.

The San Diego Zoo’s most famous attraction by far is its Giant Panda exhibit. With only 5 zoos in North America having them and only 1500-3000 of them that are not in captivity, the panda exhibit is truly an amazing experience. Marvel at these charming creatures as they sit around, eat bamboo, and act as if you are not even there. The San Diego Zoo is awesome because of its mix of rare animals, intricate exhibits, and its location in always sunny, downtown San Diego.

Written by  Tony Owusu.

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Pratically It's Own City

Plan on a least a day, dawn to dusk, in the wild and wonderful San Diego zoo. Laid out like many other, smaller zoos, the San Diego zoo is simply enlarged in every way possible. Where another zoo might have a bird house, the San Diego zoo has a bird valley. The place is large enough to require a tour bus, and even that only covers about 3/4 of the actual park. The best advice is to plan; choose what you want to see first, and plan your day around that, rather than simply wandering. There are too many rare, endangered species to chance not seeing at least some of them. A favorite exhibit of mine was the Itturi forest, which contains a habitat with both otters and monkeys, all in the same enclosure. Spirited tussling and dunking contests seemed to be a regular occurrence, one that is difficult to pull away from.

By the end of the day, your feet will be tired, your back will ache, and there will be some exhibit or event that you missed, but the experience is unforgettable. There are very few zoos like this in the world.

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