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Times Square

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  • Photo of Times Square
Photo of Times Square
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Although the song by the Plain White T's claims that Times Square can't shine as bright as his lover Deliyah, if you've ever been to this area of New York City at night (or even during the day) you'd have a hell of a reason to differ. It is at one of the biggest intersections of the city and spans 5 blocks from West 42nd to West 47th street.

Perhaps most famous for its brightly lit, digitally animated advertisements that adorn the sides of buildings in the main area of Times Square, here you will never be at a loss for something to do, or at the very least something to see. Look to the street and you'll see the symbolic yellow cabs fighting their way through city traffic but if you look for too long, you run the risk of being trampled on by the thousands of foreign tourists and well-dressed business men and party planners fiercely trying to get to Pret-a-Manger before its time to go back to work. Oh and in the middle of the street you're likely to see the Naked Cowboy- a street performer and prominent fixture in Times Square.

As for retail opportunities, there are some goodies. The M&M factory and Hershey are filled with hard to say no to candies and Toys R Us has a working ferris wheel inside that will take you for a ride! And if you walk by a line of screaming teenage girls and wonder what is going on, look up and you'll see MTV studios- they're probably filming an episode of TRL (Total Request Live).

Written by  Mary Kate Alfieri.

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“Dave and Deb Do New York City”

Times Square What city has a more famous square than New York City. Located at Broadway and 42nd street this is the square to end all squares. It is surreal to step foot into the crowd of people as you are surrounded by giant LED screens playing ads and… Read more...

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Drop in this city's ocean

Originally Longacre Square, Times Square was renamed after the New York Times printing offices were established there. If it were renamed again today, it might be deemed something along the lines of McDisney Square; now it is the enormous electronic billboards that have made this an iconic space. Close your eyes and the impossible layers of sounds is staggering, the concept of silence is sucked up and away with the exhaust fumes. Some may say Times Square is a visual ambassador for New York City, but as Piccadilly Circus is to London, it’s principally a tourist attraction and just a drop in this city’s ocean.

Times Square

In the "you goddit" city that never sleeps, getting breakfast before 7am here is pretty tricky - but who care's this is New York baby!! One of the busiest locations on earth Times Square also boasts some of the highest electricity bills in the world, and sitting here at 3am and jet-lagged it's easy to understand why, but the advertising didn't work on me, well apart from the M&M's store.

Within a 3 block radius of 47th and 7th you have every conceivable type of food, culture, past-time and occupation represented and it's easy to get lost in the atmosphere that makes Times Square one of my favourite places on earth. You have the salons of 5th avenue only a stones throw away, talking of stones you're right next to the diamond district and the views from the top of the rock, open space you say? well, central park is short walk north and if you want theatre, well I'll end where I started "you goddit"

Straight off the plane, straight to TGI fridays, straight to a booth by window and straight to a mojito or long island iced tea and just watch New York pass by for a couple of hours.

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