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Comlongon Castle

Listed under Unusual Places to Stay in North West England, United Kingdom.

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Comlongon Castle is a medieval fantasy realised. The ceiling of its enormous Great Hall is painted with clan symbols and draped with heraldic banners, the fireplace is larger than my kitchen, suits of armour lurk in corridors and the four poster beds are so old and ornate that each one must have several ghosts of its own. When the mist creeps in through the woods from the surrounding highlands and reaches its clammy fingers across the ornamental gardens to the seventy foot, sheer, pale sandstone walls, you’ll be thankful for the Jacuzzi bath in your room and the award-winning cuisine.

You may, however, feel slightly less smug when you hear about poor Lady Marion Carruthers, an heiress who hid in the castle under protection of her uncle to avoid being forced into wedlock with a local baron who wanted her share of the estate, but was nevertheless discovered, and threw herself from the battlements rather than submit to the arrangement. On the 25th September 1570, the day she plunged to her death, the grass stopped growing on the spot where she landed and sightings of her ghost have regularly been reported since. Her nightly wanderings are usually attributed to her not having received a Christian burial as punishment for the sin of suicide. However, it is suspected that the greedy baron’s men in fact crept into Comlongon Castle, found her hiding place and dragged her to the battlements themselves, casting her to her doom in the knowledge that, since the marriage had been legally agreed to by the two families in question, the baron already possessed all that was hers. The Carruthers Suite – room one - was her room. It’s the best, and yet the worst in all kinds of unearthly ways…

Written by  larapiegeler.

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My hubby - Terry & I (we are from N Ireland))got married in Comlongon Castle on 12/08/93 - my father is a Champion Grade 1 Piper & he played the pipes at our wedding. I have never forgotten the fantastic location; great hospitality & service offered to us; the long-haired cattle & horses in the background! I wemt online tonight & enjoyed all the images I saw - memories can never be erased!

i got married in comlongen 5 years ago and it was fantastic i came back the next year for our anniversary that was lovely but since then i havent been able to book another night for myself and my wife to come back down for a night do you think you can do anything for 23rd december

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Hi Kev, World Reviewer can't make the booking for you I'm afraid - we're a review not booking site. Good luck though!

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