Best Trekking in the World

Trekking: No kit required - and what a fantastic holiday option for the adventurous! A trekking holiday sounds daunting, and is not for the weak or infirm - but what a great way to see the world! From deserts to valleys to snow-capped peaks - the best treks in the world are not always easily accessible, but worth all the effort of getting there.

Trekking allows us test ourselves in some of the world's more varied terrain, but with a range of routes for all abilities. The only restrictions are in our natural surroundings - and in our desire to challenge ourselves. There are loads of trekking companies - some large internationals, and some specialist locally based outfits. If you are a trekking beginner, you should go with one of the larger companies who have treks for all abilities. As you become more experienced - if trekking is for you - then the many locally based companies around the world offer excellent value. But because trekking can be more risky than a mere walk in the dales, make sure they are reputable, and you have all the right insurances!

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