The Best Surfing in the World

A rapidly expanding sport, surfing offers flexibility, constant challenges, and an exhilarating learning curve. Like peacocks strutting their stuff, surfers ply their sport with jazzy surfboards within full view of scores of impressed onlookers, and the fact that many of these surf dudes seem to be tall, blond and bronzed can only help re-enforce the glamour of this sport. Some of the best surf spots in the world are also great social meccas.

However, the prevalence of lightweight wetsuits enables more and more people to learn to surf in an ever expanding range of locations. Surfing is not an easy sport to learn, it takes a lot of practicing on the beach and in the shallows before being able to catch the first wave - and further practice before you can stand up. But it's precisely these challenges that make surfing so worthwhile once you have mastered it - and even then, the learning doesn't stop.

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