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Palace of the Inquisition

Listed under Museums in Cartagena, Colombia.

  • Photo of Palace of the Inquisition
  • Torture Devices, Museum of the Inquisition, Cartagena, Columbia
  • Torture Devices, Museum of the Inquisition, Cartagena, Columbia
  • Torture Devices, Museum of the Inquisition, Cartagena, Columbia
  • Torture Devices, Museum of the Inquisition, Cartagena, Columbia
  • Museum of the Inquisition, Cartagena, Columbia
Photo of Palace of the Inquisition
Photo by flickr user chilangoco
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The technology used to uncover whether someone was a witch or not was pretty grim and basic stuff. If you’re interested in the macabre reality of the Inquisition then don’t turn away at the implements this small museum displays. If you’re a bit squeamish you might want to stop after the section listing the questions people were asked which were supposed to unveil their true witch-y nature and documents and paintings that explain the workings of the Inquisition. Five or six people returned guilty verdicts and were burned here, but more suffered nasty torture and imprisonment as heretics.

The small barred window above the ornate main door are where the sentences were announced from.

Plaza de Bolivar 33-46

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What are the 20 Questions asked to determine if someone was a witch?

I would like to know the 20 questions that were asked to determine

if someone was a witch. They are on a display at the Palacio.

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The first one was usually: “How long have you been a witch?”

Then came things like: “What demons and people attended your wedding?”

1. Since when have you been a witch?

2. Why did you become a witch?

3. How did you become a witch and what happened on that occasion?

4. Whom did you choose as your partner?

5. What is his/her name?

6. What is the name of your master amongst the evil spirits?

7. What is the oath that you have had to render to him?

8. How and under what terms have you done it?

9. What fingers did you have to rise?

10. Where did you celebrate your wedding?

11. What demons and people attended your wedding?

12. What foods did you eat?

13. How was it served on the table?

14. Where you also sitting down at the table?

15. What kind of music was played? What were the dances? Did you not dance?

16. Who was assigned as your partner at the ceremony?

17. What mark did your partner make you on your body?

18. What evils have you caused? TO whom and how?

19. Why did you cause this evil?

20. How can it be remedied?

21. What kind of herbs, potions, and other means can be used to cure that curse?

22. To which children have you cast the spell of the "evil eye" and why have you done it?

23. What animals have you killed or put under a curse? And why have you done it?

24. Who are your associates for/in evil?

25. Why does the devil strike you blows at night?

26. How do you compose/prepare your ointment or witches' brews?

27. How can you fly through the air?

28. What words do you pronounce when you fly?

29. Are you flying so fast?

30. Who has taught you to fly?

31. What worms and caterpillars/slugs have you created?

32. What do you use to make these harmful/noxious animals (worms and caterpillars/slugs) and how are they created?

33. Has put the devil a bow/ribboon on to your curses/oaths?

I recently visited the Museum of the Inquisition in Cartagena (August 2009). This was fascinating and horrifying all at the same time. The museum is fairly small and their are numerous torture devices on display. I'm ashamed to say that I was very ignorant of the facts concerning the Inquisition. This visit completely inspired me to study the history of the Inquisition. I was really shocked at what when on there. It was almost like you could "feel" the terror of the souls who were tortured. Even though it was grim and creepy, I'm glad that I went and recommend any student of history to go there if they have the chance. It really made me appreciate the religious freedom I enjoy in my life today. I have pictures if you would like them. As a side note the Cartegenians were really wonderful and friendly and the old city was very safe.

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Thanks very much for your great review - it's an unusual place to visit but by the sounds of it well worth it.If you'd like to share your photos we'd love to have them, there's an 'Add a photo' button along the bottom of the screen when you're logged in.

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