The Best Museums in the World

The best museums are sources of fascinating information and works of art - exploring a museum is the closest we can get to time travel.

The great museums - such as the British Museum, the Louvre, or the Egyptian Museum in Cairo - are important experiences to enjoy on any holiday. In fact a visit to New York without a trip to the Met, for example, would be almost criminally negligent! Still, there are people who get bored with museums, can't see the point - would rather do something active, and for whom 'dead history' is just that - dead. But for those of you with an historical imagination, the best museums in the world are a treasure trove rich in historical resonance and inspiration.

Beyond the 'usual suspects', the great museums, are a host of real gems - much less visited, often subsidised and costing peanuts to visit, but stuffed with unexpected and surprising treasures. So wherever you find yourself on holiday, check out the local museum, to get a flavour at least of what is important to the locals, and how they present themselves. For all but the most unimaginative, there’s no better way to spend a rainy afternoon.

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