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Shanghai Fabric Market

Listed under Shopping in Shanghai, China.

  • Photo of Shanghai Fabric Market
  • Photo of Shanghai Fabric Market
Photo of Shanghai Fabric Market
Photo by flickr user Deborah Leventhal
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If you're in search of tailor made clothing at about one tenth of the price you'd pay for them in western culture, head over to the Fabric & Tailor Market in Shanghai. Here, you get to pick out the material you'd like to be had used from a wide selection. Either bring a picture with you or choose a style from the various books that are on the tables to ensure that your tailor knows exactly what you would like.

The Chinese tailors will create anything from business shirts and suits to coats, jeans, and dresses. However, men's clothes usually come out looking more professionally made- probably because most styles of women's clothes have more detail and are more complicated. It is very important to haggle while here- it is common practice for native tailors to double the prices for foreign purchasers. Don't worry though, many foreigners have successfully gone to the market and come away with highly reduced prices, just don't be afraid to speak up! Typically for RMB 510 (about 75 USD), you can get a wool business suit with an extra pair of pants- the price includes the wool material, the lining material and the cost of labor. It takes about one week for your apparel to be completed.

Being at the Fabric & Tailor Market also allows you to see a different side of Shanghai. It is not as glamorous as the touristy and business area and there are no modern sky scrappers or shopping centers. The area is more rundown, but if you're looking for professionally made business clothes, the prices are unbeatable.

Shop for: Tailormade suits

Get here: Dong Jia Du Road & Weitan (the Bund). You will need to walk up Dong Jia Du and look down the alley ways. Once you start to see lots of awnings and bolts of cloth hanging around - you know you have made it.

Written by  Mary Kate Alfieri.

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I think the Chinese tailors are the best.I am from shanghai, welcome to shanghai.This is a chinese website, it will give you a

good feel.

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