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Seychelles Sailing

Listed under Sailing in Mahé, Seychelles.

  • Photo of Seychelles Sailing
  • Photo of Seychelles Sailing
  • Photo of Seychelles Sailing
  • Photo of Seychelles Sailing
  • Photo of Seychelles Sailing
  • Photo of Seychelles Sailing
  • Photo of Seychelles Sailing
  • Photo of Seychelles Sailing
Photo of Seychelles Sailing
Photo by flickr user dibaer
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Without sounding trite or like a guide book, why would you not want to sail the Seychelles? It’s like what many people dream of in a sailing holiday: clear, WARM, azure water dotted with white sand islands complete with palm trees and private rocky coves. This is probably the kind of place most people wouldn’t mind being shipwrecked. Bring your snorkel or diving kit and keep an eye out for exotic animals of the sea, and air, including giant turtles and impressively sized sting rays, and bring your shovel, this is pirate country.

With 115 islands there are plenty of route choices and you can stay on the ‘yachting party port’ circuit or go off on your own, depending on your pleasure. The more cultivated islands are in the centre of the group, around the main islands of Mahe and Praslin. Underneath the sand these are granite islands and a couple of them have proper peaks poking out, very Tracey Island.

A few of the islands further out are coral atolls, but Denis and Bird are also coral and close to the main group. The capital is Victoria on Mahe and some people will be happy just to potter around there, parking around Mahe’s bays and beaches, this is a safe beginner’s jaunt and Mahe is known for good restaurants and white sandy beaches. Beau Vallon on Mahe is another worth while port to visit.

On Mahe’s east is a marine park and from there it’s northeast to Cousine, of Cousine and Praslin of the raunchy coconuts and much photographed beaches. There is plenty of sailing infrastructure here, and also on the slightly less touristy and popular La Digue.

If you want to play pirates in the Caribbean, the outer islands have more ocean to cover between them and you’re more likely to find some of the treasure that’s supposed to be lying buried here. The Amirantes are the next closest group to the main group, a pretty line of coral atolls, lots of them are deserted and have blue lagoons, if that’s your island fantasy.

Pretty much on top of the equator, the seasons pass with the trade winds, so even experienced sailors looking for a bit of excitement will be pleased, and their wives and families kept happier than if they attempted Cape Horn. Just joking.

Written by  Kenneth Hope.

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To the North of the island of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean the Seychelles does not suffer from a lack of sunlight. The Island of Mahe is home to almost all of the 80,000 inhabitants of the Seychelles. It is also the location of the international airpo… Read more...

Written by  Mike Poole.

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Wow, I never knew that Balearic Island Charters. That's pretty interesting

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The Seychelles

I was taken to the Seychelles, years ago (1986) I was lucky to be witness to 2 weddings and after that we 6 stuck together, all did things together,stayed in the Reef Hotel on Mahe, we went on the local bus into town to the market, we had to drink cider out of a bottle with brown paper around it because you were not allowed to drink on the streets, my husband as was then went fishing for Tuna, Sword fish and Marlin, he brought a Tuna back to the Hotel where they prepered us brits a lovely tuna salad for lunch and the rest went on the banquet table for dinner. we hired a jeep and travelled to some of the most beautifull beaches in the world spent the day by ourselves all 6 of us, on the beach (Taka maka bay) there was a little hut that sold beer and soft drinks, my husband and I went to visit other Islands, Bird Island being my favorite, I remember walking all around the Island on my own he had gone for the Terns white black beaked birds that inhabited the island, I remember we had to stay a couple of nights and we had to be weighed as we got on the plane to see how much cargo (food) they could bring, I remember that there was only 12 of us on the Island that included the Staff there were great big Turtles and Giant Tortoises it was fantastic.

The other islands were just day trips by boat to where the coco de mere grows it is in the shape of a womans bottom this was Pralin, then there was an Island where only ox and carts and bikes were transport this was La Digue and I remember a coconut plantation, there and a farm of Fruit Bats. I have since seen a bit more of the World and I have never found anywhere quite the beautiful place as the Seychelles it was my heaven I had 3 weeks of just pure bliss and would dearly love to return again some day.

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Sounds amazing Kim - any plans to go back or are you more into exploring new ground?

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