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Stones of Stenness

Listed under Sacred Spaces in Scotland, United Kingdom.

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The Stones of Stenness were originally a ring of twelve but now only four remain standing. It is believed that the ring was erected sometime during the 3rd millennium BC. While bicycling across the island of Orkney, I twice passed by the Stones of Stenness early in the morning and on both occasions noticed a group of sheep sitting in the middle of the circle. There was no fence keeping the sheep within the circle, they only moved from the circle when humans entered, and they soon returned to the center when the humans departed. What is to account for this phenomenon? In the case of the sheep being repeatedly attracted to the center of the stone ring, it is reasonable to assume that they sense some sort of energy in the circle that is pleasant for them to experience in the same way a common house pet will repeatedly return to the thermal energy of a warm fire-place or a sunlit window on a cold winter day.

This matter of energy fields existing within the stone rings of the British Isles has been studied by experts in archaeology, geology, physics and electronics, as well as skilled practitioners of the old art of dowsing. Based on studies of megalithic stone rings around Europe it has been determined that within the perimeter of the rings, as opposed to outside, there are measurable anomalies in radiation, magnetism, ultrasound, radio propagation and infrared photography. There is nothing paranormal about these forces and they are all well accepted by orthodox science. What is remarkable however, is that archaic people of the third millennium BC knew about these forces, that they erected great stone structures to mark the source points of those energies, and that they used the sites for a variety of therapeutic, shamanic and spiritual purposes.

Stenness Stones on the Sacred Sites Website.

Written by  Martin Gray.

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