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St. Michael's Mount

Listed under Sacred Spaces in West Country, United Kingdom.

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Located on either side of the English Channel, the medieval pilgrimage shrines of St. Michael's Mount and Mont St. Michel are famous because of supposed appearances of the archangel during the 5th century. According to different reckonings, St. Michael was said to have miraculously appeared – often times killing dragons - at 400 places in Europe during the 4th and 5th centuries. It is remarkable that paleontological excavations have revealed dinosaur bones from hundreds of millions of years ago but not one single dragon bone from only 1500 years ago. This lack of evidence for the existence of dragons seriously questions the Christian story of St. Michael. Did the archangel really appear and slay dragons, or should the myth be understood as having a metaphorical rather than literal meaning?

Many pre-Christian legends, from regions of Europe having megalithic standing stones, tell of people who 'speared a serpent' or 'captured the dragon forces’ at specific sites by the placement of a great stone into the body of the earth. Equally important is the fact that prior to the arrival of Christianity many pagan sacred sites were known as dragon's dens and serpent's lairs. The Christian story of St. Michael spearing a pagan serpent may thus be seen as a usurpation of a far older pagan myth. Throughout the world many other ancient cultures had memorialized power places and the enigmatic apparitions which occurred at them with similar legends of dragons and giant serpents.

Another fascinating matter concerning St. Michael shrines in Britain is the mysterious linking of these shrines by straight lines running for hundreds of miles across the countryside. One such line, originating at St. Michael's Mount, passes through the pre-Christian sacred sites of Glastonbury Tor and Avebury stone ring, as well as many old churches dedicated to Michael. This extraordinary fact is evidence that some lost culture had once known and mapped the energy grid of the living earth.

St. Michael's Mount on the Sacred Sites Website.

Written by  Martin Gray.

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