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The Shroud of Turin

Listed under Sacred Places in Turin, Italy.

Photo of The Shroud of Turin
Photo by flickr user Spicules
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Fresh off a controversial restoration, the Shroud of Turin is supposed to publicly displayed for the first time in decades! For those of you who don't know, the Shroud is an ancient piece of cloth with the image of a man on it. Some claim that it is the burial shroud of Jesus, while others maintain it's a clever forgery. Who knows? Either way, this is definitely one of those things that you have to see. Otherwise, it would be like going to the Louvre and skipping the Mona Lisa. Huh? Who does that? This is definitely something to see, even if you don't believe it for a minute.

The restoration I spoke of was actually performed in 2002, and widely criticized for it's harsh treatment of the cloth. The Shroud, which has water, fire, and crease damage marks all over it, certainly didn't need any rough handling. Still, Pope John Paul II had actually planned for the next exhibition to take place in 2025, but recently the Archbishop of Turin asked current Pope Benedict if the schedule coudl be moved up a bit. Cheers to the Archbishop of Turin!

The Shroud will be held in the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist, preserved in a custom-built atmosphere-controlled bullet-proof case. The actual visit is free, but you are required to order a ticket, presumably so they can control how many people are viewing it at once. I checked the site they gave ( and the ticket service doesn't seem to working yet. I imagine they'll have to jump on that soon. Still, if you're going to Italy in 2010, swing by Turin and check out the Shroud. You'll be able to brag about it for the rest of your life!

Written by  Robert Evans.

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holy shroud

Hello my name is Mark, my age is 36 years old and I collaborate with many restaurants in Turin to receive bookings for tourists. It is an exceptional opportunity, visiting the Holy Shroud, go to taste the gastronomic dishes of Piedmont. They carry lunches or dinners for tourists who stay longer in visiting the beautiful TURIN.

Italian copy shroud

Did this guy really copy the real Shroud of Turin and can it meet the VP8 and other tests that the real Shroud has already passed or given us belief that it cannot be duplicated. Why would God have not left a "Picture" of the one thing no one witnessed? And, considering this was financed by athiests and costs alot of mony is it to be taken seriously?

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