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Lakekamu Basin

Listed under Rainforests and Jungles in Papua New Guinea.

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For the stout of heart, a real jungle experience is a visit to the Lakekamu Basin, one of Papua New Guinea’s untouched lowland rainforests. Travel to the Basin from Port Moresby by bus and motor canoe, or charter a Cessna into Kakoro, in the heart of the Basin.

Home to cassowaries, crowned pigeons, Palm Cockatoos, and birds of paradise, this is New Guinea jungle as it has been for millennia. This is only for the most adventurous souls, who are willing to rough it and take a chance on experience paradise in the jungle.

Written by  Bruce Beehler.

Comments, reviews and questions by other travellers

Lakekamu is one of those unique biological hot-spots in the country. More so, a hub to WWII relics, ideal for tourism. Both of these, and the natural character and pristine beauty of the basin would tempt any one visiting that place to agree with me to say; it is a "Paradise of Plenty".

What is threatening however is recent proposal to bring oil palm into the area. This proposal, as I write, is being pushed secretly. It is my belief that such damaging projects must be stopped. What is your view one this, ladies and gentlemen?

Does anyone know or heard about an oil palm project to be run in Lakekamu?

Originally i'm from kakoro which is the heart of lakekamu basin and from what Bruce Beehlers had stated about the biodiversity of the place is infact true.So far the environment have never been change by any developments it's still remains naturally has it was.I regasd this place has a paradise for PNG.

Check out Kakoro Guesthouse, not sure if it is still around tho.

Lakekamu Basin has a long history which has been ignored by Provincial and National tourism authorities.

It was used as a supplyline for australian and allied forces during the world war II and carrying supply across the Bulldog track to Lae. You will be suprise to find many old aircraft wrecks belonging to Japanese Army and Allied Forces remain abandon in the jungle along the "Mighty Lakekamu River".

I grow up there.. need to know.

siuke, Makoro isapea /lala seai miri.

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Thanks for letting us know - it sounds like a very interesting place.

Dear, Bruce Beehler it is wonderful to see that ,you are enjoying my jungle! that is where l grew up as a child, paddling across the beautiful Lakekamu River with my brother or watching the Sun set on the Lakekamu Basin. All my family still live there. l currently reside in Australia. Nothing much has changed for that part the world,which is great l hope it remains that way for many years to come. You are most welcome to visit my family on Lalapipi Island, Uritai, Mirivase and Malalaua , Hamuhamu, and Orokolo bay, Baimuru, Popo, all my relatives live there. I must say you a doing a great job with that unspoilt part of jungle. And maybe some day people around the world can come and visit. I enjoy it every time I go home. Thankyou and keep the good work up. Regards; Christine

How does one access this area from Port Moresby? Is there any possibility of accommodation?

I was wondering if there is any chance of accommodation at the research station or elsewhere.

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From what our expert Bruce Beehler says I think it's camping style accommodation only. There's talk of a lodge being built but I can't find any details of that actually happening...

It is amazing to learn that you have been to and experienced

Lakekamu....or Miaru to the natives.

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Lakekamu is not Miaru.

The basin is in threat from Logging, mineral and oil and gas exploration. Ta. Rodney Kameata

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