World's Great Rainforests and Jungles

A trip into a rainforest or jungle is to enter the richest habitat on earth. This is an environment where man is tolerated rather than accepted, an eco-system that supports the animal and plant kingdoms in a fragile interdependency.

The world's forests are endangered, and must be visited with care, but to experience one is to open our eyes to the challenges that face us. Forests support over five million plant and animal species, and even now protect numerous undiscovered species.

The best way to visit these precious environments is on an organised tour, and there are plenty of adventure tour companies that can offer rainforest tours worldwide. Some forests are relatively safe from harm and quite welcoming, but some exist, fragile, on a knife edge and need soft foot fall visits in order to protect them. There are also numerous local tourism, conservation and volunteering projects that educate visitors and support the local communities, taking you deep into the lush green hearts of these magical places. And if you can't visit one, buy one at

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