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Rafting the Grand Canyon

Listed under Rafting in Grand Canyon, United States.

  • Photo of Rafting the Grand Canyon
  • Photo of Rafting the Grand Canyon
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  • Photo of Rafting the Grand Canyon
  • Photo of Rafting the Grand Canyon
  • Photo of Rafting the Grand Canyon
  • Photo of Rafting the Grand Canyon
Photo of Rafting the Grand Canyon
Photo by flickr user MolallaRiverCowboy
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Running the Colorado River through Grand Canyon is a sublime experience. The enormity of the canyon is such that often one cannot even see the rim. As the river descends through geologic history boaters become familiar with the rock layers representing epochs of the past. This journey through time climaxes in the inner gorge, where red granite intrudes the two billion year old Vishnu schist.

Long pools of placid flat-water are interspersed with giant wave trains and powerful hydraulics that dwarf even an 18 foot raft. These high volume rapids frequently flip paddle and even oar rafts, but not to worry: the high volume and low gradient of the Colorado make it a fairly safe river to swim.

Any veteran of Grand Canyon will tell you that the best part of a Colorado River trip is the hiking. Slot canyons beckon around every bend, many of which hide springs, fern grottoes, and travertine waterfalls. The bathtub warm side creeks are a delightful contrast to the super-chilled river water that comes out of the bottom of Glen Canyon dam.

In addition to the natural history of the Canyon there is a rich human history as well; spanning from the mysterious Anasazi cliff dwellers to eighteenth century explorers and nineteenth century thrill-seekers who ran the river before us. Following along with the written record about Grand Canyon adds a great deal to a river trip there.

Written by  Hata Hill.

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“Must do at least once in your life”

If you really want to see the grandeur of the Grand Canyon, take a rafting trip. See the canyon from the river is absolutely the best way to go. You get the best of both worlds- all the Grand Canyon scenery along with whitewater fun. The rapids and wh… Read more...

Written by  Ryan Hutchings.

“Ultimate Trip”

The Grand Canyon: this is the ultimate trip. Most trips are 14-18 days through this spectacular canyon that is know to change lives. The rapids are huge due to the large volume of water. Read more...

Written by  Zach Collier.

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Man I would love to float down that river. I have never done it before but its one of the places I really want to go. The Grand Canyon is beautiful.

great post michelle. also good are the single day westwater canyon trips in utah!

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Hi Colellm - if you've been on one do you want to write us a review of it to recommend it to other people? It would be great if you could.

Comparable to Grand Canyon is Cataract Canyon upstream in Canyonlands National Park Utah. Get 28 Grand Canyon-style rapids on the Colorado River, 100 miles between Moab, Utah and Lake Powell. If time is a concern, compare: Grand Canyon's shortest motorized trip (6 days), Cataract serves up overnight camping to three nights camping or ONE LONG REMARKABLE DAY motorized Raft trips. Compare price:Cataract is more affordable too compared to Grand Canyon.

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Is that true, Because I've been to Grand canyon & I didn't find any adventurous place which can stand before it, if cataract canyon is that place then I would like to visit there.

You're mad! There's loads of adventure to be hard around the Grand Canyon - and it's one of the world's most amazing sights!

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