Great Places to Go Rafting

Rafting was invented as a way to get an adrenalin charged high, and the best places to go rafting in the world, at their most extreme, pit the daring rafter against a surging wall of white water, with only the raft, a thin cushion of air and rubber, between him or her and some very sharp rocks. At the other end of the scale it's still thrilling, but more like a particularly long and scenic amusement park ride - exciting, but the greatest danger you'll face is getting splashed rather then thrown overboard. Chose your rafting river run carefully for the appropriate thrill level - and enjoy!

Experts in Rafting:  Martin Costa,  Ryan Hutchings,  Eugene Buchanan,  Simon Coward,  Ben Mason,  Hedley Wilton,  Omer Singer,  Claudia Kerckhoff-Vanwijk,  Tim Cullen,  Zach Collier

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