See Sports and Racing Events Live

You don’t have to play sport to love sport.

Some are best experienced from the comfort of the spectator stands. The heat of a Melbourne summer may not inspire you to a game of tennis but the Australian Open is a fantastically exciting event to see played out live. You don’t even have to be able to drive to share in the thrill of a Grand Prix event, nothing says you support your football team more than seeing them play on their home turf and there is nothing like seeing games contested live, sweaty and in the flesh.

Seeing the race or event may be the excuse you need to get away but once you’re off you’ll probably experience a lot more – and it’s a great time to visit as far as meeting the locals are concerned – many events are wrapped up in a festival or other lively local events.

You can even join a tour group and share the thrills, triumphs and heartbreak with other like minded travellers – it will be like being in your own team! This can also take the pressure off organising your trip - transport and accommodation get booked up around big events - and will leave you more time to do what fans are supposed to do on location…

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