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Roy Orbison's grave site

Listed under People in Los Angeles, United States.

Photo of Roy Orbison's grave site
Photo by flickr user Alan Light
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23/04/1936 – 06/12/1988

Musician and songwriter best known for the songs 'Pretty Woman' and 'Only the Lonely'. His grave is unmarked, but the plot number is 97 (Section D).

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look--perhaps the family likes it this way. Wont have troops of people stepping over it. Not all celebs need this kind of recognition. The man is a legend and does not need a marker. Leave well enough along.

look--perhaps the family likes it this way. Wont have troops of people stepping over it. Not all celebs need this kind of recognition. The man is a legend and does not need a marker. Leave well enough along.

I think it is very sad, that this great singer does not have a marker for his final resting place, I am sure his widow can afford it, makes me wonder why she has not honored him with a Head Stone! ~ Such a Shame!!

My father has two stones on his grave , one is to signify he was a war verteran placed there by the government and of course the stone we put there.

I do not understand why Mr. Orbison has no grave stone, I mean you would think they would have put one when he was laid to rest , thats a given and part of the whole funeral package, very odd behavior for the children of such a famous man.

Come on guys lets make with a stone here , it's been 25 years already !

Interesting and 'home' to some 'real' legends

Don't go expecting to see Roy Orbisons headstone as there isn't one, which personally I think is a shame. It's a small peaceful place in the middle of the L.A hurly burly, the resting place of some real legends, Marilyn, Dean Martin amongst others, definitely worth a visit, be respectful.

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Is Walt there? I thought he was frozen - or is that an urban myth. Like you I like visiting cemeteries. I think the big Parisian one is my favourite so far. Very atmospheric.

Walt is at Forest Lawn, Glendale CA. He's in a corner near the mausoleum but his plot (good size) was pretty scruffy and looked a bit 'unloved'. That's a nice cemetery, piped music in the gardens up near Walts grave adds a little something. We're back in the US for a month in June so no doubt my other half will be lining up some more visits!

Didn't realise there wasn't a marker - thanks for sharing. Were you expecting one when you visited?

We knew before we went as my wife had checked. We spent a couple of days going round the LA cemeterys (which probably sounds a bit odd) as my wife had wanted to see the resting places of some famous people mainly from her time growing up watching movies etc with her father, in particular, Tyrone Power, Errol Flynn, Bette Davis amongst many others. Again, probably a bit odd but it was a fascinating couple of days. It seems such a shame that Roy Orbison should not have a marker, we didn't see any signs that any of the stars graves had been dis-respected in any way, (although Walt Disneys plot looked in need of a bit of TLC).

That sounds really cool, I'll have to look into visiting the state for that reason. I imagine there are lots of lovely old graveyards in the south. Thanks for the suggestions.

A tragedy????? Get real!!!

Sure, it would be nice if there was a head stone for Roy Orbison who was a genuine legend not one of your reality tv show talentless fly by nights but it's hardly a 'tragedy'.

If the fanily have genuine reasons for not marking his grave then I respect that but from things I have read etc... such as 'it's been on the back burner....' then I feel that is a sad indictment of the remaining fanily members as it come across simply as 'not bothered', maybe they were misquoted, maybe I mis read but either way I do think they should pull their finger out, get it off the backburner and get a true legends grave properly marked.

I hope his family can decide to put up a headstone so that his fans can visit and pay thier respects.

i for one would welcome the chance as would loads of other people. Roy left the world a legacy in his amazing voice.thank you Roy so much..Btv

was roy buried with his wife and children

just want to know if Roy was buried with his wife and his children

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No. His grave is unmarked. Plot 97, Westwood Memorial Park. Cause of Death - Heart Attack.

Barbara Orbison seems content to make money from Roy's talent but unwilling to give his grave the marker it deserves. Roy Orbison's music will live forever but a marker for his grave is a must.

He left his mark in life,he doesn`t need one in death.

Gods choir is now complete.

Unmarked Grave?

The greatest voice in rock and roll and his grave is unmarked? Was that his wishes? If so, then so be it. But if not, this is a tragedy.

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