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Haunted Tuen Mun Road

Listed under Paranormal in North Central China, China.

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The Tuen Mun Road is one of Hong Kong's oldest major motorways, and runs from Tuen Mun to Tsuen Wan. Hazards such as narrow carriageways and blind spots are more frequent than on modern motorways - it was built in 1977 - and this combined with the heavy traffic often results in accidents.

This, at least, is the most widely accepted version of how the Tuen Mun Road gained its notorious reputation. However, hundreds of locals claim to have seen ghosts literally popping up out of the road in front of their cars, causing them to swerve aside in an effort to avoid a collision with what they at first take to be a human being. This, of course, results in genuine collisions with other, perfectly solid cars.

Tourists have been known to independently affirm the road's haunted status, and the only explanation offered seems to be that the spectres are those of past crash victims.

It may be worth checking the terms of your car insurance before making the trip...

Written by  larapiegeler.

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خريد و فروش نو و کارکرده دستگاه هاي فلزياب-طلاياب-گنج ياب-معدن ياب-آب ياب

اجاره فلزياب-فروش فلزياب-فلزياب صوتي-بهترين طلاياب-طلاياب گنج ياب-دستگاه صوتي-قيمت صوتي-سکه ياب-فلزياب بوقي-نقطه زن-فروش ردياب-زير خاکي-باستان شناسي-علايم باستاني-قبري و گبري-باز کزدن ساروج-طلسم گنج-بهتري فلزياب-فلزياب ارزان-نحوه کار فلزياب-بهتري فلزياب صوتي-بهترين گنج ياب صوتي-فلزياب صوتي-بهترين طلاياب-طلاياب گنج ياب-دستگاه صوتي

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