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Ground Zero

Listed under Paranormal in New York City, United States.

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Photo of Ground Zero
Photo by flickr user njscott-H :)
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It may be too soon for many Americans to consider the paranormal potential of Ground Zero. It may cut too close to the bone for some people for me to even talk about the former site of the twin towers with this view in mind; many are still grieving and the nation as a whole is still in the throws of a genuine anger after passing though the processes of denial and confusion, but as a site where many suffered violent and terrible untimely deaths the spot is disrupted with frightening memories and unpleasant residual energy. In time it may come to be considered one of the world's most haunted places. Similarly to places like Auschwitz, this spot is scared with violent energy which won't just dissipate with just the healing power of global incredulity and constant reminders.

While still rubble, surrounded by a fence the ground itself looks scarred and torn. The lights shooting into the sky are very ethereal and though some people may choose to believe that these help guide wayward spirits to heaven as I heard one little girl say, my belief suggests the real paranormal or unusual energy resides in the detritus of the buildings. Down there are the mobile phones people made their last desperate calls on, people's personal items, drivers licences, handbags, and the walls that fell on people, crushing them, and the concrete slabs people fell against. The borough council has done a lot of work to clean up the zone but you can't rid a place of everything involved in this kind of huge incident, so violently charged energy still causes people to see, hear and feel things even from the other side of the fences.

Without wanting to cause offence to any of the victims I will say that people have reported strange feelings in the vicinity. Victims themselves sufferer from violent flashbacks, some even going into convulsions or passing out, family members, children especially, commonly report suffering hallucinations where they hear the sound of a parent's voice, but many of these, and again I don't wish to cause offence, are a combination of the emotive power of the location and wishful thinking on the behalf of the griever. But this emotive power can effect also, those not directly involved: people have experienced feeling of fear or of rushing wind, or a gradual chilling of their body temperature which they imagine to be like bleeding out. Again these must be partly due to the feeling of involvement many people have to this event.

I feel unable to really study this location at this point, you must see from my fear of offending from the small amount I feel comfortable saying, but I believe in the future this spot will become a hive of paranormal discovery as people acknowledge the opportunity this relatively freshly horror marked locations offers and as the victims encourage people like myself and others to look further into Ground Zero in the hope of finding some trace, or some trace of the experience, of the ones they lost.

Written by  Jon Falkes.

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