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Ghost of Parliament House Fiji

Listed under Paranormal in Fiji.

Photo of Ghost of Parliament House Fiji
Photo by flickr user jaredw_1986
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Fiji's new Parliament House has no outstanding features to mark it as a home for ghosts; it is bright, architecturally modern, frequently used and there is not a cobweb in sight. It was opened for use in 1992, but a mere five years afterwards, a shadowy figure was recorded on the building's security cameras for a full five minutes. It is said that even the Prime Minister believed that it was a ghost, and when the footage was shown on national television, an exorcism was called for, which took place in the Autumn of 1997.

Written by  larapiegeler.

Comments, reviews and questions by other travellers

Parliament Ghost Orbs, Veiuto, Fiji

I believe that the Parliament Grounds in Veiuto are haunted. Just last year my brother and I were visiting family who live just near the Parliament buildings. We decided to take a stroll with two of our relatives on a Sunday night and took a Sony Cybershot digital camera with us. We took a few shots at the main gate and one of Battery Hill which is situated within the Parliament grounds. What a bone chilling experience when we saw ghostly orbs in the two pictures. We even saw outlines of what looked like three people standing along the fence on Battery hill...

where can i find the clip?

I live in Fiji. We pass the parliament house sometimes when our school bus takes that route. (I school in VPS) Ever since I knew it used to be haunted, I'd be very quiet if the bus went that way. Almost too quiet.

He has now retired and now resides in Wailoku. He now has a facebook page too.

I was working in Fiji, at the time and lived very near Parliament house. On the evenings in Suva, concerned, the dogs were very noisy with blood curdling howling. It continued and certainly was not usual. No one could sleep. Everyone was wondering what was up with them. It was quite eerie. When the photos of the VU appeared in the local newspapers and on TV, the first thing to notice, was his tall marvellous physique,and the woven diagonal indication of his position. He had a large afro and was an awesome sight, slim hips and a sulu. He must have been seven foot tall. There is no doubt this actually happened. I was there in a home very nearby.

It did. He was captured at different angles and times. Such a magnificent looking ghost, and no doubt had many of the Fijian Ladies wishing they had been born in earlier times.

He was explained by my Fijian housekeeper. Immediately this lady said there would be an election. There is strong Mana from our ancestors.

We will vote again soon. I think much Mana!!

To me it was so facinating the Fijian people, act so decisively,there was no suggestion of anything other than the Vu wishing for things to be done a better way. It was said that when Rabuka was asked about the ghost in Parliament house, as he sat, in the dining room, he squeezed a glass so hard it shattered in his hand.

There is such respect for their chiefly system, and

That death doesn't decrease their wisdom, power or Mana but increases and should always be listened to.

Some people had to remember that!! My housekeeper reminded me.

They have much to teach the rest of us!!

Barbara Adams

the ghost appeared and disappeared and then reappeared in several different places, dressed in full traditional chiefly wear. Ive seen the clip.

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