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Ghost of Joan of Arc in the Domremy Basilica

Listed under Paranormal in Alsace-Lorraine, France.

  • Photo of Ghost of Joan of Arc in the Domremy Basilica
  • Photo of Ghost of Joan of Arc in the Domremy Basilica
  • Portrait of Jeanne d'Arc by Albert Lynch
Photo of Ghost of Joan of Arc in the Domremy Basilica
Photo by flickr user dbking
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A French national heroine, an inspiration to feminists, a Christian icon and a muse for some of the world's most gifted artists, writers and composers, Jeanne d'Arc achieved more in her nineteen-year life than many of us achieve by the time we retire. As a teenager, Jeanne determinedly obeyed the visions she experienced, which she believed were instructions from God, and devoted her life to liberating France from English control. Her presence spurred on French soldiers to fight to end the siege of Orleans, and her bravery and holy inspiration helped her to lead the French army to many more victories until 1423, when she was captured by English forces. She was burned at the stake for heresy under the instruction of the English regent, John of Lancaster, but the accusation was overturned some years later and she was canonised by Pope Benedict XV in 1920. Despite her global renown as a martyr, a saint and a brave fighter, there is no remaining record of her physical appearance. She is most often represented as a slight, dark-haired girl dressed in armour and bearing a sword or a standard. Those who claim to have seen her at the Bois Chenu Basilica in Domremy believe that she came back to the peaceful village on her death, to spend eternity there. The basilica was built in her honour on the site of the place where she is said to have first experienced her visions as a young girl - the location of the village's fairy tree - and was consecrated in 1926.

Written by  larapiegeler.

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Magnificent Basilique du Bois-Chenu

I visited the "Basilique du Bois-Chenu" located within walking distance of Domrémy twice; in late 1998 and again in May, 2001. I felt her presence inside the basilica when I spent time there alone on All Saints Eve (1998) although I did not see her in any physical form.

A nun appeared and seeing my tears, spoke to me soothingly, in French. I somehow understood everything she said, although I do not speak that language. She said that I mustn't worry about her need to close the basilica soon, as it would open again on the following morning. Mass was about to begin in Domremy, within the tiny Romanesque church of St. Remy where Jeanne d'Arc had been baptized, located next door to the home where she was born on January 6, 1412 (Epiphany, the 12th day of Christmas.) I heard the bell in the church tower calling the villagers to Mass. Although I am not Catholic, attending Mass that night, I sat very near the baptismal font where Jeanne d'Arc had been Christened.

"Jehanne, La Pucelle" (Jeanne, The Maid as she referred to herself) led the French army against English soldiers during innumerable battles before and after the miraculous victory that raised the siege of Orleans on May 8, 1429. She was captured by Burgundians (allied with the English) in May, 1430. Imprisoned in Rouen on Christmas Eve, 1430, during the months that followed, she was relentlessly interrogated by an inquisitional court under the direction of Bishop Cauchon until the day she was condemned to die by fire that same afternoon, May 30, 1431. She had become a military hero in 1429 at the age of seventeen, and died at age nineteen.

For accurate historic details about her entire life story, refer to the universally respected French historian Regine Pernoud's biography "Joan of Arc: By Herself and Her Witnesses". Both Mark Twain and G.B. Shaw visited Domremy, read the trial records, and devoted themselves to writing about her. Mark Twain's novel "Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc" and Shaw's Nobel Prize winning play, "Saint Joan" continue to be released in new editions and are available in libraries and through on line booksellers.

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Hi Marcia. Thank you for sharing your personal experience of the basilica. Some life stories touch you down the ages and some places are heavy with history. Thanks.

My ancestors moved to medieval Lorraine back in the 14th century so they were probably neighbours-because I concluded a ton of family research on this and I have proof that my ancestors did move there so give me your address and I will send you the documentation and oh by the way-my ancestors goes back to the 9th questions? email me at thanks.

And by the way, I am trying to find out that my ancestors intermarried into her family, the D'Arc family, but it is so difficult or almost impossible to find a surname or missing link name that links my family with hers or her family so it is really tough. But one thing is for sure, my ancestors who moved to medieval Lorraine back in the 14th century were actually farm or town or village neighbours of Joan's family or probably they were friends. It is true....................I have historical proof.

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Wow Michael, that's a cool find! How did you find so much out?

My family name is Garron and we were told that our roots originated from Alsace-Lorraine, France. While my father was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, his father came there by way of the U.S. Our family identifies with St. Joan. My father was in the 79th Division, the Cross of Lorraine Division in World War II.

While my grandfather dropped one 'r' in our last name while living in South America, we identify with the family's original spelling of the name. Living in San Diego, California we look to find out how we can unite with family. Peace and All Good, Bob Garon

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