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Rafting and kayaking are two of the most exciting holiday options there are - as well as the most accessible for all levels. Whether careening over rapids, or drifting down river on a gentle current, there is a paddling pace to suit everyone. Get into your raft, canoe, kayak or dingy, pick up your paddles - you’re off with the current!

For the real adventurer, there's the option to pack up a tent in the bottom of your craft and get out into the wilds, camping by the water, hearing nothing but the sounds of the great outdoors. There are plenty of top rate specialist travel companies that can guide you on these types of holiday adventures.

But paddling can be a soft adventure too, the days spent on the water and the nights in comfort in a luxury hotel or inn. You may even have a support boat to tow you if you get tired! Alternatively, opt for a mini adventure, and book an exhilarating white water rapids trip – one of our experts says it’s like a roller coaster but way more exciting and unpredictable! Many of these are day experiences that can be added to a holiday itinerary.

The key to a good paddling trip is to choose a good guide or local operator. World Reviewer is lucky enough to know quite a few fantastic guides we can recommend to you, who will take you on anything from a my-first-paddling class to an expedition along some of the Amazon’s uncharted tributaries. Check out our Tour Operator holiday search to find them, or see a selection of experts below.

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