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Unique Creatures of Park National de Montagne d’Ambre

Listed under Wildlife in Antsiranana, Madagascar.

Photo of Unique Creatures of Park National de Montagne d’Ambre
Photo by flickr user belgianchocolate
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Social, large eyed lemurs, suction footed geckos, brightly coloured rainforest frogs and camouflage artist chameleons are only some of the unique animals who call the lush rainforests of Park National de Montagne d’Ambre their home. The park has seven different lemur species and many varieties of chameleons including the unusual (even for a chameleon!) Blue nosed chameleon.

The park is a chattery place, with lots of animal communication going on between the trees, and if you keep your eyes up you’ll see a lot of leaping between branches on the above ground Tarzan-highway.

As well as unique wildlife, this park, encompassing huge swathes of mountainous, volcanic rainforests, has many exotic plants, including birds nest ferns, orchids, tree ferns and lianas. It also has several dramatic waterfalls, a series of crater lakes and a good trail system. The best times to visit and or camp in the park is between April and October.

Written by  Graeme Harwood.

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The forests of Montagne d’Ambre National Park offer a home to 75 different bird species, 35 of which are endemic. These include the faucon, martinet, wild pigeon and perroquet.

Parc National de Montagne d'Ambre

Easy access, interesting volcanic features and a wildlife population which includes lemurs, chameleons and several species of exotic coloured frogs make this one of Madagascar’s favourite national parks.

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