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Masai Mara Safari

Listed under Wildlife in Rift Valley, Kenya.

Photo of Masai Mara Safari
Photo by flickr user Tambako the Jaguar
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A safari is for many people a lifetime highlight, but if you want to go a bit further, really get a feel for East Africa, the Maasai Mara and it's inhabitants - like the maasai and the lions, do make a visit to Ndarakwa Hills. It's not easy to get to, there is no real transport available except one´s feet and it is dangerous in many ways (due to wild game and shiftas) but well worth it to explore and to understand. But you will need a guide. Ask around for either Lekinjot Olotira, called Little Moses to tourists, or Daniel Oleleuka.

Expedition Massajland.

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Hello, what's the weather like in November?


I'd like to go to the Masai Mara the first week of Novemeber. I've been searching a lot about the weather in November as it seems that it is the smaller rain season. I'd like to have more details on that: are they heavy long rains or short and intense ones? would that affect a safari or make that impossible? Should I change destination?

Thank you

Sure Thing Game Reserve

Masai Mara is known for being one of the best ‘sure thing’ game reserves, giving visitors the best chance of seeing a large variety of game animals. As well as having the largest lion population of any reserve, Masai Mara has an excellent density and selection of animals, including leopards, rhinos, gazelles, antelopes, elephants, hippos, zebras and more. Masai Mara also has a bird population to rival its animal population and a record 53 different species of birds of prey.

The Masai Mara is also know for its place along the big annual wildebeest migration, which involves around 1.5 million animals. Beginning with the heavy July rains, the migration moves north through the Serengeti in search of higher ground and denser vegetation.

Masai Mara makes an astounding backdrop, made famous by the film “Out of Africa”, which was shot here. Because it’s a sure thing, Masai Mara is also one of the most popular game reserves. Visitors aren’t able to go on self guided tours and have to stay in the park's lodges (so numbers are restricted) and be escorted around the park, however many of the guides are local tribes people, who have lived on this land for many of generations, so the guided experience is excellent.

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