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Bald Eagles in Alaska

Listed under Wildlife in Alaska, United States.

  • Photo of Bald Eagles in Alaska
  • Bald eagle parent and chick.
Photo of Bald Eagles in Alaska
Photo by flickr user Carl Chapman
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Bald Eagles are large and intimidating animals, with wingspans of up to seven feet, distinctive white head and tail feathers and an arrogant disposition. They’re fascinating animals to watch hunt; their keen eyesight allows them to spot prey over distances of up to a mile, they then swoop in, with surprising precision, at speeds of over 100mph and catch their meal in their claws or pierce it though with their beaks.

The world's largest concentration of these impressive animals make their homes in the Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve in Alaska, where they live in their natural rocky mountain environment. The preserve encompasses 48,000 acres of valleys around three rivers, and also protects the flat salmon runs which are an important food source for the eagles. Between 200 and 400 eagles make their permanent home in the preserve, but during the mating and hatching season an additional 2,700 birds have been counted. This congregation lasts between October through February.

Apart from looking upwards, the best place to look for eagles is along the flat bottom of the valley near the river. Unfortunately you're not allowed to get close to the river; they can do some ferocious damage to you if needs be, but mostly eagles are easily spooked by people, so you have to stay back on the road - so bring binoculars.

Written by  Jodie Kimbah.

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Lots of Alaskan wildlife tours are run out of Anchorage, or Chruchill, so those are probably the best places to stay to ensure that you see as much wildlife as possible.

Going with expert wildlife tour guides is another way to make sure you see lots - these guys know the areas and the wildlife 'cause they're out there wildlife spotting all the time, so they'll be a big help.

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