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Alligator Watching in the Everglades

Listed under Wildlife in US South East, United States.

  • Photo of Alligator Watching in the Everglades
  • Photo of Alligator Watching in the Everglades
  • Photo of Alligator Watching in the Everglades
Photo of Alligator Watching in the Everglades
Photo by flickr user William A. Franklin
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Florida's relationship with its alligators is an unusual one. Visitors can eat them, help conserve them, wear shoes made of them and hunt them with 4.4 Magnums all in one holiday, but if you prefer to remain neutral then a ride through the Everglades in an airboat or swamp buggy is the ideal way to explore. The quiet, shady mangrove swamps and vast expanses of grassy marshland are the only place on earth where alligators and crocodiles co-exist naturally, so if you don't know the difference between them yet, you will after this. An alligator 14 feet long always seems larger in reality than in the imagination. Their murky green skin, broad heads and the sheer power of their bodies when they move at speed send a shiver down the spine that only untamed nature can produce. At night, the larger alligators' eyes glow red in torchlight and very lucky observers may see them hunting after dark. The biggest ones have been known to occasionally take panthers and bears as prey, so be warned!

Written by  larapiegeler.

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