World's Best Wildlife Experiences

Turn off the wildlife documentary and come eyeball to eyeball with the natural world's most magnificent beasts. The world is full of spectacular wildlife shows and migrations, many witnessed by very few.

With varying degrees of danger and comfort, there’s a wildlife experience to suit each traveller and every budget, from exotic jungles, tropical rainforests and dry African bushland, to watery environments closer to home. All you need is patience - and a respect for the natural world around us.

Be it feathers, fur or fins, the best way to get up close is with the help of a guide, someone who knows the habits and migrations of the animals and how to get as close as possible without scaring them off. There are numerous wildlife holiday companies that can help you, either as part of an organised wildlife tour, or by designing a tailor-made holiday, with your own private guide. Even if you don’t come back with a National Geographic Award winning photo you’ll return with some incredible memories.

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