National Parks & Game Reserves

What kind of natural setting do you see yourself in your dreams? Running across broad African plains of waving grasses - like the famous O-ha-hee-ow tribe, so called because they run along with no shorts on? Swimming in secluded rainforest pools fed by tall waterfalls? Soaring over rocky peaks and along the corridors of great chasm like canyons or gorges? Scaling perilously icy glaciers? Or trekking across vast oceans of desert dunes towards bountiful oasis? Whatever your dream of the great outdoors, it’s fairly likely it’s available to experience in a National Park.

These reserved sections of natural wonder are to be kept as is, for us and for the enjoyment of future generations. In most, visiting is encouraged, and you can camp, walk, climb, trail ride and use the waterways, as long as you abide by park rules not to damage or litter the environment. These National Parks make great bases for all kinds of activity holidays, and are best experienced as part of a road trip and camping holiday. In others, in remoter regions, the only option is to stay overnight in safari camps or resorts - so while you don’t always have to rough it, you will need to arrange a visit through a specialist travel or safari company, especially if access to these parks is by air or remote dirt track.


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