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Louvre Museum

Listed under Art Collections in Paris, France.

  • Photo of Louvre Museum
  • Photo of Louvre Museum
  • Photo of Louvre Museum
  • Photo of Louvre Museum
  • Photo of Louvre Museum
  • Photo of Louvre Museum
  • Photo of Louvre Museum
  • Photo of Louvre Museum
Photo of Louvre Museum
Photo by flickr user Al Ianni
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The Louvre Museum, with its spectacular glass pyramid, is an icon of Paris and one of the world's most-visited cultural sites. Its vast and rich collections encompass all ages: from antiquity (the Venus de Milo, the Winged Victory) and the Renaissance (the Mona Lisa, works by Michelangelo, Raphael, Botticelli, Titian) to 19th-century French masterpieces. The Louvre-Lens project, now underway, will see more of the enormous collection out of storage and on display at a second site in north Paris.

The museum was originally the main Royal Palace in Paris, and was built on the site of an earlier royal fortress, whose remains can be seen on the ground floor. Napoleon, who preferred the Palace of Fontainbleau, turned the Louvre into a repository for all the artworks he looted from throughout Europe - and it remains today one the top three museums in the world, alongside the British Museum and the Hermitage.

Official Louvre Museum Website.

Written by  amoore.

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Comments, reviews and questions by other travellers

Marvelous museum...would take a month to see absolutely everything! Perfect to take the kids to this world class museum, but don't go unprepared.

Love the post!

Natalie, The Educational Tourist

I luv it!...spend 6 hours and wished to had at least 1 more, one of the best experiences I ever had: photos allowed, and you can literally be face to face with the sculptures, except for the egyptian artifacts and the Mona Lisa. Tickets in advance are sent to an european address, there is not an option to print e-voucher if you are travelling overseas, which could save an hour or so in lane. 10 euros more than fair for a superfun day, although it needs a nicer restaurant within the premises...

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There's a quite nice, but pricey, restaurant right by the pyramid, and you can just get a coffee there as well, which is much nicer than inside.

absolutely breathtakingly beautiful works of art

Really wanted to see all the famous prints and statues found we only had 40mins in which to visit as queued for ages to get in. Paid full price for less than an hour which was bit unfair I felt. The queue for translator equipment was just as long so we chose to just go around with out it. only to find all art descriptive panels were in French and totally unreadable to English people. So this did effect our viewing pleasure quite a bit was frustrating at times because was unable to appreciate fully what the works of art was trying to portray!!

But was still glad that I can say I have seen the beauiful and thought provoking Mona Lisa would go again but would allow more time and queue for English translating guide.

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I think it's free one Sunday a month - it's supposed to be busy then, but at least it's free!

Next time you might want to get your tickets in advance as well to save time - you can buy them from the Louvre's website so there's no risk, then you can just walk in!

Thanks, Emilie, it's also a good idea to do that for Versailles - that's the other place I've seen huge lines in France. Actually, the line for Monet's Garden was pretty long as well, but not sure if I could have pre-purchased that one or not.

what size is the museum

I need to know the floors, dimensions or whatever concerning the location size of this museum ?

I want to sell the gold coin of queen victoria which is about 150 years old.

I want to get the information that at what price this coin can be sold

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Hi Umair - World Reviewer is a travel review website so we're not well set up to answer your kind of question - sorry!

what are the main hilights of louvre museum?

what are the contents of this museum? whether it is national museum or not? what are the measures of national museum? what are the requirements of national museum? why the historical buildings are adopted as museum? what is the new concept of the louvre museum? how is the undergraound structure maintained?

2 Replies

For a list of the pieces in the collection you'll need to have a look at the Louvre's website - it's very long!

Of course this is the National Museum - owned by the state. Many of the contents were looted from other countries in past wars. That Napoleon was a greedy bloke - as were we in Britain.

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