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Troodos Mountain Villages

Listed under Scenic Walks in Cyprus.

  • Photo of Troodos Mountain Villages
  • Photo of Troodos Mountain Villages
  • Photo of Troodos Mountain Villages
  • Photo of Troodos Mountain Villages
Photo of Troodos Mountain Villages
Photo by Adrian Norton
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Mount Olympus, at the centre of Cyprus, is the tallest mountain in the Troodos range, and an ancient, 'men-only' temple to Aphrodite crowns its peak. The other mountains, though, are rather less forbidding. Quiet villages, little, terraced fields, orchards, simple stone houses, Byzantine churches and medieval monasteries grace the slopes of many, proudly recognised as World Heritage Sites. There are a number of colonial hill resorts to be found here too – among them Platres, where Daphne du Maurier wrote 'Rebecca' and King Farouk of Egypt came for his holidays, Moutoullas, famed for its mineral water spring, Pachna, the most prolific grape-growing village on the island, and Agros, a popular 'agro-tourism' resort.

Written by  larapiegeler.

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Our Near Death Experience On A Trip To The Troodos Mountains

[This is a true story] of a journey that took us from the luxury of our Cyprus apartment, in Mazotos, to the ‘forbidden valley’ (as now named by me)! If you intend to travel from the Larnaca district of Cyprus to the Troodos mountains then please learn from dangerous experience.

[From Mazotos to Troodos?] I was with my parents and intending to follow a route, by car, from our luxury Cyprus apartment in the charming village of Mazotos, near Larnaca, up past Lefkara village (in the hills above) and then to cut through to the Troodos mountains, via Ora that way. It didn’t work!

I found out later that unless you are a local with an off road vehicle, or a goat, the chances of getting through that way are very slim indeed.

[From Vavatsinia to Ora?] The point at which we ‘fell off the map’ was at the attractive village of Vavatsinia. The guide book which I had bought from a shop in England included a map which showed clearly that you could travel from Vavatsinia to Ora, where we needed to get to. Boy, were they wrong!!!

Unfortunately at Vavatsinia there was a sign to Ora but it was hand written. Don’t ask me why but my adventurous spirit got the better of me and I took that road.

[From pebbles to boulders!] At first, all was good and the scenery was amazing but after about 10 minutes the tarmac road turned to pebbles. After a further 5 minutes those pebbles turned to bigger stones and then to boulders, about 5 minutes later. To add to our troubles we could not turn around because the road was too narrow and, by then, to drive backwards was unthinkable. You see we were now firmly heading down into a steep valley.

If you’re thinking that this was all turning out to be a great adventure well actually you’d be right, except there were 2 very good reasons why it was not. They were Mum and Dad. You see they are both in their 80′s and Mum was freaking out. Dad was laughing but that made Mum freak out even more.

[Sliding towards the drop!] After a while we came to a point where we could turn around. However, to get to that point, I would have to drive round a hair pin bend which went from right to left, which ascended at a very steep angle. To make matters worse the track sloped from left to right which meant the car was leaning very much against the turn. And there was a very big drop below, for us to fall in to if I got the manoeuvre wrong. For the first time I was really frightened but by then I was committed to the ‘move’. At least at this point the boulder surface had return to just stones but that is what caused the car to slide! Well, I have never heard my Mum scream so loud!

[However, there is a good ending to all this.] Yes, we made it round that bend safely and got to the turning point. I must tell you the feeling of shared elation and exhilaration was brilliant. All three of us were punching the air in excitement – basically we were just so pleased to be alive.

[Word of Caution].

It will take too long to tell the story of the return journey up and out of that ‘forbidden valley’ and back to our luxury Cyprus apartment at the resort, in Mazotos, but I think I should spend the remaining time with a word of warning…..

…If you want to go up the Troodos mountains from the Larnaca district then take care. Instead, I recommend you go to Limassol and then up the main road from there. To be honest I am not as brave as I was and now stick to the main roads all of the time. Actually not always….there was that time when I was with my Mother-in-Law…..

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