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Petronas Twin Towers

Listed under Monuments & Landmarks in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

  • Photo of Petronas Twin Towers
  • Photo of Petronas Twin Towers
  • Photo of Petronas Twin Towers
  • Photo of Petronas Twin Towers
  • Photo of Petronas Twin Towers
  • Photo of Petronas Twin Towers
  • Photo of Petronas Twin Towers
Photo of Petronas Twin Towers
Photo by flickr user ~MVI~
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These towers were the world's tallest between 1998 and 2004 – which is quite a long time these days – before they were over taken by Taipei 101. But they're still the world's tallest twin buildings. I visited the towers in 1998 just after they were completed and at that time there was a lot of chatter about whether or not the towers were really the tallest because they have only 88 floors, and both the Sears Tower and the World Trade Centre towers had 110 floors – however all the text around the towers for the benefit of the visitors makes it clear that the people who decide these things aren't counting by inhabited floors but by metres and centimetres up to the spire – but NOT including antenna. The other thing most of my fellow visitors were interested in are the building's glass design. They look Muslim, and are – the designs come from Islamic artistic motifs.

The bit that links the two towers at the 41st and 42nd floors is aptly named the skybridge. The 41st floor is where you have to change elevators to go up higher. These days you have to get a free pass to stand on the skybridge – 170m off the ground – there are 1700 available a day, but suspended that high and weighing 750 tonnes you can see why they're trying to reduce wear and tear... One of the coolest design features of the towers are the double decker lifts – the top floor dropping people off on the even floors, the bottom taking the odd. Recent reviews say get there early to make sure you get one of the free passes.

Petronas, from the title, accommodates most of Tower One, Tower Two has a host of residents and below that is a shopping centre and the home of the local Philharmonic Orchestra.

Written by  Kat Mackintosh.

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Its a must visit for my next trip to KL.

I want to see the Petronas Twin Towers

how to get free tickets for my family

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1300 free tickets are given away daily. All you have to do is line up at the ticket counter and they're given out on a first come first served basis. It opens at 8:30.

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