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The Tarasque Dragon

Listed under Monster Hunting in Ha Long, Vietnam.

Photo of The Tarasque Dragon
Photo by flickr user anyjazz65
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Many years ago, the Leviathan sea monster of the Old Testament is said to have spent a few tender moments with the Onachus, a legendary, giant bison with the power to burn anything it touched, and the result was the Tarasque, a dragon-like monster.

The legend goes on to describe how the beast was attacked by the king of Nerluc’s knights, but only Saint Martha was able to calm it, and she led it back to the city, where the people killed it out of fear despite its passivity. However, reported sightings by local sailors of a massive marine creature moving about in Halong Bay have persisted for many years, and still occur frequently today. The bay itself is believed by some to have been created by the sweep of a dragon’s tail as it entered the sea here. Perhaps it stayed?

Precious little scientific investigation has been carried out in the search for the Tarasque, rendering it something less of a global phenomenon than the Loch Ness Monster, but the dubious description of a lion-headed dragon with a turtle’s shell, a giant scorpion’s tail and six muscular legs ending in paws like a bear’s, as given in the legend, has gradually altered. Most of today’s sightings are uncannily similar to those at Loch Ness, raising the question of whether the world’s legendary lake and sea cryptids are not alone, but part of a happy, prehistorically-descended, monstrous family…

Written by  larapiegeler.

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El dragon y la Serpiente emplumada es lo mismo?

El Dragón es animal de China, y en México sele conoce como la

Serpiente Emplumada es el mismo personaje?

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