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The American or de Loys’ Ape

Listed under Monster Hunting in Venezuela.

Photo of The American or de Loys’ Ape
Photo by flickr user vlauria
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In the early 20th Century, Swiss geologist, Francois de Loys and a team of explorers were oil prospecting in the area around the Venezuelan/ Colombian border when they were attacked by two huge screeching monkeys who, standing upright, shook bushes and threw excrement at de Loys and his men. The surprised group fired on the creatures with shotguns, killing one. Because the body was so unusual and none of the men had ever seen a monkey of that size, they tried to preserve the corpse, but in the end all that survived was a photograph which was later discovered by a zoologist who encouraged de Loys to believe he had stumbled upon the missing link between apes and humans.

The photo shows a tall tailless creature with the small face and head of a spider monkey with flat nose and forehead and very human like teeth, but the long arms and toes of an ape. When sceptics began to doubt the legitimacy of the find, de Loys’ zoologist champion questioned the regions natives looking for supporting evidence. The stories that came out were similar to those of indigenous tribes who lived in the same regions as gorillas, which only served to further divide believers and non-believers.

In addition to de Loys Ape at least two other varieties of giant monkeys have been reported in South America, one which is described as being a giant baboon, which corresponds with authentic fossil evidence, the other, the unproven mono grande, described as a giant spider monkey, which fits with the description of de Loys Ape. The most recent sighting of a mono grande was in 1987, when a five foot tall ape walking on two legs with short black hair was observed in Guyana.

The question of whether the missing link still survives in South America remains unresolved.

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