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Ogopogo (Naitaka) of Lake Okanagan

Listed under Monster Hunting in British Columbia, Canada.

  • Photo of Ogopogo (Naitaka) of Lake Okanagan
  • Photo of Ogopogo (Naitaka) of Lake Okanagan
Photo of Ogopogo (Naitaka) of Lake Okanagan
Photo by flickr user >>Jan>>
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On one afternoon in September 1926 more than 70 people saw the same dark mysterious reptilian creature swimming just below the surface of Lake Okanagan near Okanagan Mission Beach. The creature was seen to turn like a drill as it moved through the water and to emit a small splash with a flick of its tail before it disappeared. Could those 70 people have all been mistaken about what they saw? Or did are they prove of the existence of Lake Okanagan’s fabled water serpent, Ogopogo?

Descriptions from sightings and stories of Ogopogo describe him as a huge snake like creature with a head like a horse or a Chinese dragon, whose habitation of Lake Okanagan predates human settlement of the area. Primitive art discovered in early indigenous settlements depicts a large snake shape near the spot where one of the lakes main tributaries joins it. It is thought this may have been a warning because the regions early inhabitants were known to be wary of a particular part of the lake where Ogopogo’s cave home was thought to be and to carry animals with them when travelling on the lake in order to sacrifice to Ogopogo if he came upon them.

As well as the Ogopogo sighting in 1926 by multiple people there have been two other times, in 1947 and 1950, when more than one person at once has seen Ogopogo which lends its stories credibility. There are a number of photos and videos of Ogopogo, though scientists agree all the recordings prove is that there is a long, solid reptilian object below the waters surface.

Some people theorise that Ogopogo is a primitive kind of whale, the Basilosaurus, which was much longer and thinner than the whales we know today while others suggest that many of the sightings have been of extra large sturgeons or of a lost manatee. As the technology advances the believers have gone to greater measures to prove Ogopogo’s existence, including testing the lake using sonar and other deep water diving equipment.

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Ignore the Ogopogo...visit the Okanagan for the climate and sheer beauty.

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