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England's Phantom Panthers

Listed under Monster Hunting in West Country, United Kingdom.

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Often called cryptozoology’s equivalent of UFOs, phantom panthers have been reported from England for decades, ravaging livestock and inspiring both awe and fear in all those that cross their path. Panther-like animals are frequently reported roaming the English countryside, though they fall under the category of Alien Big Cats, “alien” in this context meaning out of place, and which also includes other types of big cats such as pumas or lynxes. Indeed, it was the Surrey Puma in the 1960s that kicked off the first ABC wave of sightings, followed in 1983 by the Beast of Exmoor scare that finally attracted media attention to the phenomenon.

ABCs have been seen all over the United Kingdom, with Bodmin Moor, located near Cornwall in England, being the focal point of a famous wave of sightings that took place in the mid 1990s. Reports of leopard-like felines and slain livestock began to emerge from the region, and although the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food denied that a big cat was present, physical evidence turned up two years later in the form of footprints and a photograph depicting what appeared to be a pregnant female puma. Sightings continue to come in and are reported in major newspapers, with the Fortean Times magazine recently devoting an issue to the most recent phantom panther reports that took place all over the United Kingdom. While the United States and Australia are also home to a mystery cat population, the United Kingdom remains the focal point for mystery cat reports, and so is a great place for those wishing to encounter alien big cats.

Written by  Brian Gaugler.

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i seen it and its tracks

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Where did you see it?

Will black panthers hurt humans

black panther like cat sighted 3 times in last month over 5 mile radius seen in open fields and near duck pond usually after midnite, last sighting last week at 7.30pm in field by two people. will these animals hurt humans i am also concerned about my horses. east yorkshire

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Have you seen the animals yourself? If you could get a photo that would be amazing as you'd prove this once and for all. It would be unusual if the original escaped panthers had survived this long but maybe they bred with a local animal?

Im not sure but i think i have seen 3 large size animals (not so much as large but about the size of german shepherd) running across me in the dark, it was too dark to see clearly but the silhouse was the same style as the domestic cats would run when frighten.. it was in the region of north hampton/kettering area. the time was about 2 or 3am and few hours walking along the road in the countryside (we were planning to walk all the way to London through road sign)... I didn't report it because i couldn't confirm for sure and we were all teenagers and wasted at the time. it was in 1997... I wouldn't have seen this mystery sighting if the train man didn't throw me out of the last train for having no ticket from derby to london. After few sighting, we panicked and hitch hiked the car and got lifted to bedford.

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