Visit one of the World's Great Lakes

Beautiful lakes, since time immemorial, have invited beautiful towns to grow on their shores, and they soon became tourist destinations - historically people came to paint, compose poetry, take strolls though beautifully presented grounds and in more recent times go swimming and mess about in boats.

The stay by Lake Garda or Como is a holidaymaker’s classic from the time before cheap or public air travel, and the appeal is much the same today: gorgeous views, a slower pace of life, civilised entertainments and access to the lake itself.

Other lakes have a different appeal. Communities spring up around lakes like Titicaca or Lake Turkana as well – so far away from any other cultures, they develop their own really unique ones. These lakes are worth visiting to meet the local people and animals, as is Lake Baikal the world’s biggest – and the Dead Sea. Water invites life and these lakes have been luring us to them throughout history.

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